A tribute to pets.

I’ll never forget the day we came home with our new puppy, Max. He was born into a large litter that was up for adoption one hot weekend in July. He was a small shepherd mix with long, tan fur covered in black and white spots. Little did we know that Max would grow to become 65 pounds.

National Park and Recreation Month

Chandler celebrated its 30th Anniversary of National Park and Recreation Month with totally rad outfits and majorly tubular hairdos. Game nights, dance parties, karaoke, and an adult prom were all part of the 80s-themed festivities.

September 2015 Around Town

Perception of space is at the forefront of Vision Gallery's newest exhibit, BLOW UP. In this display, artists use air as their device for creating large-scale sculptures. These abstract pieces have been organized for the Lesher Center for the Arts by Carrie Lederer, the Bedrord Gallery Curator.

The Team That Brought The Legend of Orville Justin Fur to Life

As a little girl, Kerry Hamilton enjoyed hearingthe tale of Orville Justin Fur, a brave English sea captain. Her mother, Sue Luginbill, had created the story from her vivid imagination to entertain her two children. Thirty years later, Hamilton, along with the help of local artist Ashley Ashcroft, brought the story to life in the form of the book, “The…

Saving Penelope

Most all of us have heard the saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” It’s not until you have one that you really understand what this phrase means. I would say that a dog is not only man’s best friend, but a part of the family.

Living life with compassion

I have a calling as many people do. Mine is to help create a humane society – one in which we show animals respect, rather than subject them to neglect and violence. It became clear to me 10 years ago when I found a stray, sick puppy in central Phoenix. I nursed him back to health, named him Zeus, and…

Pet Therapy

Exploring the benefits of pet therapy is fascinating. Therapy pets are used in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and counseling offices. Studies show that the presence of a dog decreases anxiety, lowers blood pressure and increases life expectancy.

Cooper’s Chance ANIMAL RESCUE

Years ago, Shannon Steemke adopted a dog named Cooper who had been abused by former owners and was fearful. Steemke was an animal lover who didn’t have a lot of experience with troubled dogs. Cooper attacked Steemke and bit off a portion of her ear. Instead of giving up on Cooper, she was motivated to seek help and try to…

Latino Heritage

The National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association awarded a $3,000 grant to Chandler Public Library to promote the program, “Latino Americans: 500 Years of History,” to educate the community on Latino history and culture.

Chopped, Fresh and Healthy

When you find a concept that works, the possibilities are endless. That’s exactly what Ryan and Caitlin Jocque discovered when they opened the Original ChopShop Co. in Old Town Scottsdale in February of 2013. Their passion was to create a place that would offer a healthy menu with different twists on ingredients. The fast, healthy cuisine was just the right…

The Perfect Pet Treat

Looking for a healthy treat for your pet? This basic dog treat recipe can be used as a starting point, and customized based on your pet's taste buds. Our dog Rocco loves carrots, kale and blueberries, so we packed them into these treats. You always want to limit the grains your pet eats, but for an occasional treat, these are…