What to Tell Your Kids About Water Safety

As a part of the City of Chandler’s new #WaterYouDoing campaign, we’ve created a short, three-question quiz you can ask your kids to get the conversation started.

Water Wise

 Article and Photography  More Safety Tips  • Never leave a child alone near water—at the pool, the beach or in the tub. If you must leave, take your child with you.

Tumbleweed Park

Chandler is home to a multitude of beautiful parks, none of which would be here if it were not for the hard work and dedication of the community. This is well demonstrated by Tumbleweed Park, which holds the title of the city’s largest park. Claud Cluff, the park maintenance supervisor, explains how the park was grown by the committed and…

Enjoy hiking, fishing and wildlife at Veteran’s Oasis Park and Environmental Education Center

Who would have thought that an empty lot of land would be transformed into an integral part of a city? But that is exactly what happened in Chandler with the Veteran’s Oasis Park and Environmental Education Center. Ariane Francis, who oversees the Center and facilitates programs throughout the park, shares insight on how the park came to be and the…