The Eddie Basha Collection

Chandler’s rich history is steeped in Native American culture, the city built on the backs of ranchers and the sky painted with colors of the Southwest. Our past is personified through The Eddie Basha Collection, housed in the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery of Western American and American Indian Art, located in the Bashas' Chandler corporate offices.

Meaningful Moments

This is the time of year when I want to slow down and savor all the little things in my world. Revel in my good fortune and reflect on my blessings. Instead, it has become the most demanding time of the year—cooking and baking, gift-buying and wrapping, decorating, parties, visits with family and friends, acts of charity and giving back. 

A ‘Shelfie’ State of Mind

To accessorize shelves, start with the overall size and scale of the shelf. Evaluate if it is a large space or small space because each will require a different thought process.

Sustaining the Small Business

four local influencers chime in on their thoughts about the climate of small business in Chandler and why it matters to "shop local." (Hint: It means a lot more than you might think.)

How I Got Into The Best Shape of My Life

I was at the Arizona MVD, nervously approaching the counter, driver’s license application in hand, thinking there had to be some mistake. They want to know my weight? I politely asked the clerk about the little box awaiting my answer, and suggested that since Pennsylvania, where I’m originally from, didn’t require a weight on my license so I shouldn’t have…

I’m the Luckiest Man in the World

Growing up as a small-town farm boy in Colwich, Kansas, I was always surrounded by the values of hard work and patriotism. I remember trying to enlist for the infantry in the U.S. Army with some friends as soon as we heard about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, only to be denied admittance because I was 16 at the time.…

The Best Vacation I Ever Took

In August 2011, I flew into Portland, Oregon, to visit friends and family. Portland is such a cool city filled with fantastic food, vibrant music and arts scene, and really cool eclectic boutiques. At this point in time I had been working at Shoe Mill in Tempe for nine years. I am a self-professed shoe addict and love working in…

My Family’s History

Being a fourth-generation Chandlerite, I have some advantages when it comes to helping my clients find their next home in the South Chandler area. My family has deep roots here. My father’s side of the family was farmers and my mother’s side was cattle ranchers. A fun fact: What is known as the Ocotillo area today was known as Goodyear…

How Force-Free Training Led Us to Our ‘Fur’-ever Friend

I started working with dogs from an early age, teaching basic behaviors and tricks. It wasn’t until I started volunteering with a local foundation that I got into more serious training. I was asked to work with dogs that had various behaviors that made them unadoptable. But the one thing that remained consistent in my approach was that I was…

Irish Banana Hammock

A lot has changed in Chandler since it was founded in 1912. The buildings have improved and the dirt roads have been replaced. You probably won’t see many Model T-Fords buzzing around town and Arizona Avenue no longer ends at the town plaza. But one thing remains the same: You can still take dad out to downtown Chandler for a…

More than Just Memories

Dr. William Howe graduated medical school before entering the Navy in 1958. He performed his first tracheotomy on a train with a kitchen knife and a pen, saving the life of a high-ranking officer. After completing his service, Howe returned to his hometown and practiced general medicine and obstetrics for 39 years. During his first 10 years, he helped bring…

Believe to Achieve

It’s amazing what youth can achieve when encouraged. Mackenzie Ryanne Spade, a 17-year-old Chandler resident, was told that anything is possible. She believed it. She was taught the value of giving back to one’s community and how volunteering makes a difference in the lives of both the giver and receiver. As a result, she volunteered often, and in the process…

A Thank You to Our Veterans

With the Holiday Season fast approaching many of us have a lot to be thankful for, particularly as Veteran's Day arrives. We must all be thankful for the sacrifices that our Armed Forces have made for our country, and for those who sacrificed and gave all. We also have to remember that behind every soldier, airman and sailor that there…

Fostering love for dogs in need

I have always had a deep passion for animals. Hearing stories of animal abuse leaves me heartbroken. I feel a strong sense to protect and stand up for animals. That passion led me to begin volunteering at a local animal shelter in Mesa and eventually open up my home to foster dogs. A few of these foster dogs have become…

A garden of possibilities

There is just something special about spending time in a garden. Whether it is simply sitting and enjoying the surrounding beauty or getting our hands deep into the soil, all of our senses can be engaged and so many lessons can be learned.

Thinking of traveling with kids?

Traveling with young kids abroad can be exhausting but well worth it if you plan accordingly. Mike Bohnert, President of Toracle Travel, located in Chandler, and father of three boys ages 1, 6 and 9, provides tips on how to successfully travel internationally with kids.

Teaching young boys about bravery, leadership and respect

Doug Dexter, Chandler super dad and Cub Master for Pack 584, shares the importance of being a good role model and explains why he's teaching life lessons to young boys.

Finding home

The word home for many of us invokes warm feelings. It is our place of solace and refuge after a long day and the place we know we can always return to. But for almost 19,000 foster children in Arizona, home is a very different place. For these children, home is likely a place where they were neglected, physically abused…

Ripe for reuse

With a little creative repurposing, you can breathe new life into many common household items – including those destined for the trash. These clever recycling tips, as shared in the upcoming MacGyver School summer experience at Veterans Oasis Park, are good for the environment and your everyday life, too.

Creating a beautiful masterpiece for those who need it most

At Nielsen Law Group, we are actively involved in the community and seek organizations and causes to support that resonate with us. Our first introduction to the House of Refuge was when our attorneys offered free educational seminars to the members of their community. But we wanted to take things a step further by involving our attorneys and staff in…

How to pair wine and cheese like an expert

“Complexity” is the true answer to this question. Traditional standards for wine and cheese pairing were created in a period when cheese focused on key styles (cheddar, Swiss, blue and brie) and wines were focused on French classics (thank you Julia Child). These classics are still spot-on and work perfectly, but in this day and age, the availability of cheese…

Keeping Kids Healthy

The word is out: Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) Nutrition has embarked on a Clean Label Initiative. Your first question may be, "What is a clean label?" Since there are no official guidelines defining the term, every individual and organization is open to its own interpretation. At CUSD Nutrition, we see a clean label as one free of unnecessary additives.…

Open Your Heart

Here at St. Vincent de Paul, we are dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing the most vulnerable in our community who have no where else to turn for help. Restoring hope also is at the essence of our mission. Just as important, we provide opportunities for volunteers to carry out this mission for their neighbors in need.

Easy Home 
Design Tips

It has always been my passion in life to decorate homes - not for just anyone, but for those who think designing a home can be expensive. It all started when I wanted to decorate my new 3,600-square-foot home in Plano, TX. Coming from a very modest 1,600-square-foot home, it was quite intimidating for me. I didn't know much about…

The Perch Pub and Brewery

If you have been to Downtown Chandler in the past couple of years, you’ve noticed that it is no longer the slim collection of retail shops which typically wound down at 5 p.m. Now, Downtown Chandler has a busy nightlife with restaurants, bars and more than one brewery providing an entertainment district which has drawn crowds looking for fun!

Living life with compassion

I have a calling as many people do. Mine is to help create a humane society – one in which we show animals respect, rather than subject them to neglect and violence. It became clear to me 10 years ago when I found a stray, sick puppy in central Phoenix. I nursed him back to health, named him Zeus, and…

The True Meaning of Home Grown

Our story is one with deep roots that began right here in the heart of Ocotillo. Mona’s Country Day School opened in the late 70s when my aunt Ramona Felix began watching children, mainly for parents who worked across the street at Bashas’ corporate office. Over the years, the city of Chandler and the daycare grew, which increased the need…

Bringing the Islands to Chandler

I started dancing at the ripe age of four with various styles ranging from modern jazz to Polynesian dance. In 2004, I followed my dreams and opened a fitness-dance studio in Mexico. Soon after my daughter was born, my husband was transferred to the U.S and that's when I started a home-based yoga-dance studio in Maricopa. Eight years later and after my…

A Tribute To Dad

This is exact same as NSL - please pick up the edited text from there.

Kylie’s Mom

I will never forget the day I became Kylie’s mom. It was a little after 11 a.m. in the morning on August 4 when the nurse reported, “She has a full head of dark hair.” Being in labor for over 15 hours, I knew then that I had made it to the final stretch.

April 2015 Parting Thoughts

 Dream gown? Check. Persnickety florist? Check. Top-notch wedding planner? Check.  Unexpected glitches? Check-Check-Check.  I have attended and participated in many different weddings across the country. Every blessed event had one thing in common: some sort of unforeseen mishap. Amazingly, not one involved a wacky uncle + booze.