Taste of Success

When restaurateurs talk about why they opened their businesses, many have a glossy story about following a passion for food or life-long dream to helm a high-profile kitchen.

On Pointe

When Malorie Lundgren was 2-years-old, her mom enrolled her in a dance class where she learned ballet, tap and jazz.

Boulder Boats

Founded in 2004 by Stuart and Kristina Litjens, Boulder Boats combines the couple's passion for watersports and a goal of creating a family-friendly environment with quality products.

Home for Generations

When brothers Peter or Andy Ray meet someone new who is from Chandler, their last name is one of the first talking points. Grandsons of Milton and Gwen Ray—part of the original local family that Ray Road was named for—the two are part of a large family with roots that go back a century to Chandler’s beginnings.

Simply organic

The sunrise to beyond sunset buzz fueled by a steady stream of hungry patrons grabbing seats for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner is the result of Tryst Cafe owners Lisa and Sami Khnanisho simplifying their lives.

Chandler Woodworker Creates Custom Designs

Tim Anderson, a Chandler resident, has come a long way since the 1980s when he started working with wood as a teenager. He restored an old dresser in high school and helped his grandpa repair the door on his barn. The first thing he built was a dog house.

Dr. Chris Heetland and Insight Eyecare & Eyewear keep local residents’ eyes healthy

As the son of a veterinarian, Dr. Chris Heetland grew up with a strong interest in the life sciences, anatomy and physiology.

Silently Strumming Along

 Article Georgann Yara  His work is world famous. Yet in his home state, renowned luthier Jason Kostal is a well-kept secret in the acoustic guitar and musical instrument worlds.  One of his guitars holds a permanent spot at the Musical Instrument Museum in the North American room that showcases all handmade instruments made on the continent. Kostal recalls museum personnel…

Holiday Traditions

For as long as I can remember, our family had a special breakfast item that was reserved for the holidays: Dutch Babies. These delicious, fluffy casserole concoctions were regularly made on holiday mornings. I remember running down the stairs to the smell of these perfectly baked golden brown vessels that could be topped with everything from fruit and nuts to sugars and syrup.…

Understanding Our Pets

Becoming a veterinarian was not the obvious choice for Dr. Andrea Strickland. “I’m not a typical vet,” she says. “I actually wanted to study human medicine.” But she grew up with dozens of pets (“My mom kind of collected them”) and was good at handling and bathing and taking care of them. Fast forward to college and she found herself…

Making the Cut

At V’s Barbershop, getting a haircut isn’t simply something to check off the to-do list; it’s a nostalgic experience. The brainchild of Jim Valenzuela (Mr. V), the barbershop opened its first location in Phoenix in 1999 as a tribute to Nick’s Barbershop in Tucson. In order to bring a first-class, old-fashioned barbershop experience to his clients, Valenzuela pays meticulous detail…

(Re)Freshen Up Your Face

The staff at Cielo Aesthetics & Wellness are master injectors and national educators, bringing more than 60 combined years of nursing experience—nearly half of which has been focused on aesthetic medicine. From wrinkle relaxers to dermal fillers, including a full line of custom services for men, they offer a variety of treatments that can improve the appearance of facial lines,…

Dive Right In

It is no secret that Valley residents love their pools. And with the spring and summer heat officially knocking at the door again, the time has finally arrived for homeowners to make sure they have all their pool needs met before cooling off and enjoying the refreshing water.

Lush Landscapes

With Arizona’s beautiful climate, it’s only natural to want to spend quality time outdoors. So fixing up the yard and patio are top priorities for most homeowners. To help with such projects are the landscape experts at Pioneer, who specialize in helping homeowners with a wide variety of products that will turn any yard, patio or courtyard into an amazing…

Breathe Easy

After the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season, most people are ready to start the New Year by kicking back a bit and relaxing. Thanks to two Chandler businesses, local residents can now find great ways to unwind and pamper themselves—not just this month, but all year long.

Long-time Chandler resident fulfills dream of owning a local business

When he was 15, Kellen Sears began working in local restaurants. Over the years, Sears realized that although he loves the restaurant industry, he has an entrepreneurial spirit that yearned to own his own business.

Ice Den Chandler offers blessed relief from the relentless summertime heat

During the winter on the East Coast and other frozen parts of the country, residents often complain about being snowed in. Here in the uber-hot desert, we have our own version of this weather-caused problem in the summer: we are baked in!

Medmetrics compounding pharmacy

Growing up, Adam McCown was always interested in math and science in school. He knew a career in healthcare was the goal, but it wasn't until the end of college that he knew pharmacy would be his path to follow. McCown explains that he chose pharmacy because, “it is a great field that combines clinical expertise with an opportunity to…

Painting your home? Simple steps to refresh your space

Brassberrys Painting and Coating owner and licensed painting contractor Carole Amsberry Anderson has been transforming Valley homes and commercial properties with high quality workmanship for more than 20 years. She sat down with us and shared expert advice and tips for DIYers or those seeking a professional paint job.

Locally Owned : Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio

Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a local art studio that allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to catch the creative bug. Located in Chandler at 141 West Boston St., Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a go-to place for creative family fun. Cheryl Tisland co-owns the art studio with her mother Margaret Peters.…

d’Vine Gourmet

If you are looking to treat your loved ones with memorable gifts this Valentine’s Day, or for any occasion, look no further than d’Vine Gourmet. Since 2003, Denise and Andrew McCreery have been providing Arizonans with delicious, gourmet foods and beverages. Before opening d’Vine Gourmet, Denise worked as a teacher for at risk youth in Tucson. Her husband, Andrew, being…

Pure Barre Opens New Studio

It is officially the New Year, and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. Many New Year’s resolutions focus on making healthy lifestyle changes. For some people, simply purchasing a new gym membership isn’t enough. Fortunately, there is a new option for those looking to improve their health and adjust their fitness regimen: Pure Barre. Pure Barre, a fitness studio chain,…

Shamrock Roofing Professionals Provide Quality Services

Finding the perfect home takes an enormous amount of time and energy, so it makes sense that you would want to ensure that it is protected. James DeVore of Shamrock Roofing Services explains that the roof does just that: “The roof protects everything below, not only the house and the things within but the people.” At Shamrock Roofing, the team…

Pampered Wellness Salon and Boutique

Take a break from the summer heat by indulging yourself at The Pampered Pinkie. Megan Maloy, the owner of this local salon, explains how.

Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

With Independence Day right around the corner, summer vacations are on everyone’s mind.

Arizona Brewery Tours Provides Craft Beer Experience

It took 50 years for John Alvarado to find his passion. The Chandler beer-lover-turned-entrepreneur launched Arizona Brewery Tours with his son Johnny, in January 2013. Together, the father and son team are doing what they love: tasting, pairing, sharing and educating others on the growing craft beer industry.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Sun Valley Solar Solutions (SVSS) sprouted in 2006 because Joe Messner and Russ Patzer had a shared a passion for technology, innovation and the environment, and the determination to put that passion to good use. Both were former Intel engineers who looked at the abundant Arizona sun and knew there was a better way to make electricity that could save…

Wedding Consultants at Kate & Company

An industry expert, Kate Christensen, owner of Kate & Company in Chandler, has been planning events in the Valley since 1983. From corporate events and conventions to intimate birthday dinners and destination weddings, Christensen and her team have the experience and knowledge to handle all the fine details that are involved in creating a beautiful and memorable wedding experience.