Eye Do

Michael Garcia, who has been helping people with eye care services for more than 20 years, realized that people put off getting eye exams and glasses “because they have a hard time fitting it in their busy schedules,” he says.

Perfect Presents

Tell a story with photos. Buy a frame and a colorful scrapbook sheet. Trim some favorite pictures and glue as a collage. Stickers or fun sayings can be added to personalize it even more. 

Life in the Sweet Zone

Ask L.T. Smith whether his current job as the head pastry chef at Tempe Public Market Café shares similarities with his former life as a football player and he enthusiastically spouts off a list.

Move Over AstroTurf

Weather in the Valley can be costly and cumbersome on any landscaping. Shaded areas, a lack of moisture and excessive heat can prevent even the most maintained lawns from remaining green or keep them from growing at all. ForeverLawn set out to change the landscape industry by developing a high-quality, technologically advanced synthetic grass.

Be an ‘Outsider’ This Summer

Whether you consider yourself outdoorsy or not, the summer shine makes the whole family excited to stretch their legs and get some fresh air—especially kids. But when summer temperatures get in the way of fun, sometimes it’s easier to turn on the TV and stay inside. As Americans, we spend an average of 95% of our lives indoors. Our health…

The Power Triplets

Around town, Cynthia Hardy, Gina LaBenz and Chantal VanKlompenberg are known as the “Power Triplets,” a term coined by Gina. Although they each also have their own favorite causes that they volunteer for separately, the three friends can often be found volunteering together.

Fashion & Family

Judy Dragoo’s first passion was teaching, but she’s always had a love for fashion. Because of this love, the mom of two grown sons has recently opened Judy Wear Boutique—a place that features timeless pieces for women from all walks of life.

Former Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman Inspires Others with a Sustainable Fitness Routine

Former Olympic Gold Medalist and Paradise Valley resident Misty Hyman spent many years training for excellence in swimming. She has parlayed that passion and motivation into a career and way of life for her and her family. She knows that fitness is essential, and fitting it into a busy lifestyle can make it attainable as well.

Shine Bright

 Article Georgann Yara | Photography Asea Tremp  Many girls dreaming of a music career envision themselves being the next Taylor Swift—singing to sold-out stadiums, flaunting designer duds on magazine covers and redefining what it means to be A-list famous.  Lois Zozobrado has two albums under her 18-year-old belt, but she's not one of them. The Perry High School graduate eyes…


Making beautiful and memorable keepsakes for expecting women, newborns and families is the most rewarding job a person could ever ask for; it is truly a gift from God! When I first started, I knew nothing about sculpting, but there was a voice telling me that I was supposed to be doing something greater during my 20-year career at the…

Lights! Camera! Action!

Downtown Chandler is going Hollywood! The Chandler International Film Festival, January 13th-15th, is an innovative celebration of cinema featuring screenings of more than 100 award-winning movies submitted by up-and-coming filmmakers.


Mark your calendars because you will not want to miss one of the most magical and best holiday light shows in the East Valley. At 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 17, Michael Pollack will flip the switch for more than a half-million twinkling lights at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas.