Happy New Year!

Five… four… three… two… one! Welcome to 2020! Seriously, where does the time go? Last year just flew by in a blur of family activities (hello, carpools!), time with friends, and of course, sharing the amazing stories of Chandler. We’re so excited to begin this new year with you. There are so many fabulous people … Continued

Happy Holidays!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And time sure has flown by this year as we can’t believe we’ve put together the final issue of Chandler Lifestyle in 2019! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down to write our January letter to all of you—talking about resolutions and renewal—and … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving, Chandler!

As November rolls around, we’re anxiously awaiting the approach of Thanksgiving, the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. The winding down of the year always brings about a time of reflection for us—remembering everything we’ve done or accomplished in months past; looking back on turkey disaster stories, mornings watching the Thanksgiving Day … Continued

Food, Glorious Food

Are you hungry, Chandler? We’re sure you will be when you read—or should we say devour—this issue, the most drool-worthy one of the year: The Foodie Issue! We spent the last few months scouring the streets in search of delicious stories, and we found more than enough material to fill these pages. While we don’t … Continued

Health and Fashion

It was an honor and privilege to sit down and interview Howie Mandel, who is featuring on this month’s cover. Not only have I watched him perform many times throughout the years—both on TV and in person at his comedy shows—but because of the message he was sharing. Heart health is so important. Take a … Continued

For the Love of Kids and Pets

For many of us, August is a bittersweet turning point in the calendar year. Summer freedom is drawing to a close, and the school bells will be ringing any day now. While the lazy days of sipping cool beverages poolside may be numbered, this month brings a sense of renewal. New routines, new clothes and … Continued

Cheers to Summer!

Summertime is a magical season. The kids are out of school, the sunshine seems never-ending, and there’s no shortage of adventures that await. For many, summer evokes fond memories of childhood—sleepaway camp, family vacations, and swimming until your fingers shriveled like prunes. I know for our family, most of summer is spent in the pool! … Continued

Amazing Men

OK, gentlemen—you’ve waited patiently for your turn. Last month, we brought you our Women’s Issue—it is ladies first, after all—and this month, we present our Man Issue, celebrating all things masculine. This was another difficult issue for us to put together at Chandler Lifestyle—there are just so many amazing men in the community! We wanted to … Continued

Powerful Women

The May Women’s Issue is always one of my favorites. For the third year we are featuring some amazing Chandler women who were all nominated by members of our community—parents, spouses, kids, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers. Being introduced to these amazing women on a personal level brings so much joy to my team, … Continued

Happy Spring!

Well this year, we did have a winter! It was short (thankfully! That’s why I moved here from snow-laden New York), but the temps dipped and the mountains were actually capped with snow. I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad it’s warming up again and spring is in the air. Birds are chirping, … Continued

Welcome Home

“Home is where the heart is.” It’s a common phrase meaning that our homes are a central place in our lives—where we rest our heads, nourish our bodies, and make fond memories with loved ones. It’s the epicenter of our worlds, where we start and end each day, and where we keep our most prized … Continued

Curating Creativity

February—it’s the shortest month of the year, but there’s definitely no shortage of exciting things happening here in Chandler! When thinking of ideas for our Arts + Makers issue, we were inspired by the talented local creatives who beautify our community with their work. Whether it’s local theater performances, improv shows or musical performances, we … Continued

Bring on 2019!

Welcome to 2019! January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year, but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer at the local animal shelter. Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and tips in … Continued

Happy Holidays!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun—and time sure has flown by this year. We can’t believe we’ve put together the final issue of Chandler Lifestyle in 2018! There’s a unique perspective that working in publishing brings. While we certainly don’t want to wish our lives away, we’re always looking toward the … Continued

’Tis the Season to Be Thankful

So many days I just try to get through my to-do list. The hours fly by and I race through them, taking care of one thing after another, mentally checking off my list. In the back of my mind I know that I should slow down and enjoy the moments—and I know that most, if … Continued

Well, Now I’m Hungry!

Love to eat and drink? Then this issue will whet your appetite! This month we celebrate all things food and drink. To start, we hit the road to check out some of Chandler’s fabulous food trucks (pg. XX). Learn the stories and people behind the ventures, as well as what tasty treats each truck offers. … Continued

All Good Things Must Come to an End

It’s bittersweet to write this letter, as it will be my last as editor of this magazine. Over the last 14 months, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this post but the time has come for my reign to end. This wasn’t an easy decision but after weeks of long discussions with my husband and some soul-searching, I’ve decided to scale … Continued

How to Enjoy the Summer and Ignore the Heat

Summer’s here again and I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of a drag. You’d think I would be use to it by now, having lived in the Valley since I was 4 years old, but—newsflash!—I’m not. The instant sauna that hits your entire body the minute you step outside, the makeup that melts … Continued

Men of Honor

Let’s take a minute to honor some amazing men in our community. As you flip to our main feature on page TKTK, you’ll read more about them but let me take a moment to give you a quick run-down. Basically, they’re all ballers. They’re volunteers who are deeply embedded and invested in our community; they’re … Continued

This One’s For the Gals

In honor of the Women’s Issue, I’d like to share an excerpt of a social media post that I wrote for my mom on her birthday: “Happy birthday to my mom! Thank you for always being there for me. For bringing me homemade soup when I’m sick, stepping up to take care of our girls … Continued

It Belongs to All of Us

Read this quote and think about it. It's a popular quote that you've probably seen on bumper stickers and tote bags:


I think it's safe to say that everyone finds comfort at home. It's the place where we go to recharge and decompress from our busy lives; where we seek refuge from the hectic, and sometimes chaotic, world. When I was in my 20s, I lived a carefree life. With no responsibilities other than work and paying the rent on time, I lived off ramen…

Welcome to 2018

I feel like there are two kinds of people: Those who make New Year's resolutions and those who don't. Which one are you? I used to be the former and, thanks to my charming Type-A personality (insert smirk here) I was pretty intense about it. It was black or white, all in or all out. When I made resolutions, I kept them—there were…

It’s Finally Here!

December. It's the month I've been waiting for all year long—and I don't think I'm alone in this when I say the holiday season is my FAVORITE time of year!

Be the Light

I don't know if you feel the same, but lately it feels like there's been a lot of darkness in the world. It seems like whenever I turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook, it's grim news. Hurricanes and wildfires and mass shootings and abused dogs. It makes my heart hurt (not to mention it makes me want to…

The Evolution of Travel 

I've been thinking about how traveling evolves with you. When I was a kid, I have memories of going to Rocky Point with my family and camping on the beach. We'd look at the rings sold by the Mexican ladies and buy fresh shrimp from the fishermen and bean burritos from street vendors. Yum-o!

Chandler, You’ve Changed

It's safe to say that Downtown Chandler is not what it used to be. Back in the mid-1980s, I recall walking down a less busy Boston Street to get immunizations for school. My memory is foggy but I do remember the area being a little sleepy and quiet; not the bustling, foot-traffic-heavy place that it is today.

Dog Days of Summer

Everyone loves kids and pets, right? I'm sure most of you have either one or both in your home. As for my family, we have two tiny humans and one adorably curmudgeonly schnoodle in our household. Baxter is 13 years old but our young, highly energetic daughters sure know how to keep him on his toes!

Food, glorious food

If you know me, then you know I'm a huge foodie. Like, the kind of person who may or may not stand in line for hours to get my hands on a cronut or a ramen burger or whatever is the latest buzzworthy food. What can I say, I'm a sucker—and not just for trendy food but also for really…

Hi, I’m Mindy

It’s great to “meet” all of you. I’m so excited to be the new editor of Chandler Lifestyle magazine. Even though I’m not from Arizona (I was born in Seoul, South Korea), I moved to Chandler when I was 4 years old so I like to consider myself a native.

Let’s Talk About Some Amazing Women

Just a year ago, May was my first edition as Publisher of Chandler Lifestyle. I had recently moved from the Midwest, retired and felt totally disconnected with my community. I could have never imagined the wonderful journey I was about to begin when I decided to join Lifestyle Publications!

Fond Farewells & New Beginnings

Spring has finally arrived, and all the tell-tale signs of it are clear: days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, flowers are starting to pop-up along the roadside and the promise of summer lingers in the air. For many, spring is a time of growth, renewal and new beginnings with the coming of a new, brighter season. Yet…

Memories of Home

Although I’ve lived on the West Coast for almost 15 years now, I always look back at my childhood home in a small little Connecticut town with a sense of nostalgia. Maybe it’s because I spent my carefree years of youth there, or maybe it’s because I lived there the longest of any place so far. Either way, I will…

Made With Love

I’ve always loved to read, and as far back as I can remember, my mother had always read to me at night before going to bed. As I got older, I continued this tradition, staying up to the first break of daylight on weekends devouring book after book. After finishing up a good novel, my thoughts would spin everywhere and…

Here’s To Health!

With the New Year now upon us, it seems like we have instantly gone from the carefree indulgences of the December holidays to the urgency of having to set resolutions, most of which center on leading a healthier lifestyle. But what really defines health? When prompted with the phrase “Health Is…” one could indeed come up with a vast array…

December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Coming from a large, New York Italian family, cherished traditions passed down through generations play a large role in celebrating the holidays—think of a five-hour long “Feast of the Seven Fishes” dinner with the entire family on Christmas Eve that lasts well into the night and classic Pantone and coffee while opening presents in the morning.

With the Warmest Thanks

I think it’s safe to say that I inherited my passion for volunteering from my mother. A teacher, and one of the strongest, kindest and most compassionate hearts that I knew, my mother always made it a point to get involved with the community in one way or another—from fundraising for the annual Pumpkin Festival and Christmas Drive to starting…

Greetings Chandler!

As the new editor of Chandler Lifestyle, I am delighted to spend the upcoming months getting to know the community that I have come to love even better and to feature all the wonderful people, businesses and events our city holds. Since new beginnings are always a time for celebration, it is only fitting that our October issue highlight two…

A tribute to pets

My kids regularly beg for a dog. Any dog. Big or small. White, black or brown. They don’t care what type of dog. They just want one. It happens whenever they see a dog at the park, or if we’re riding in the car, and especially when we stop in the pet store. And no matter how many times I…

Discover your roots

I moved across the country the summer before my junior year of high school. As an emotional 16-year-old girl, being transplanted from the East Coast to the Wild West was devastating. I was heartbroken and homesick and I can honestly say that I never thought I would permanently stay in Arizona.

Get ready for your next travel adventure!

After 22 years in Arizona, I’m still not acclimated to the dreadful summer heat. The days and nights are long and hot and I struggle to keep my kids entertained and hydrated. Our one big saving grace every year is a summer vacation. Normally we head to the beach in San Diego, but this year we’re trying something new. We’re…

Hello from your 
new publisher

It’s very exciting to be able to introduce myself as the new publisher of Chandler Lifestyle. I’m looking forward to working with the entire Lifestyle team to spotlight the good news that's happening in our community and connect residents to local businesses and organizations.

The Home Issue

It’s hard to believe we’ve lived in our home for eight years. We’re excited to finally be past the point of decorating nurseries and kids’ rooms and have begun focusing on the rest of our home. We are getting ready to spruce up our home with a few pieces of furniture, new lighting and décor. Small changes can definitely make…

Explore the beauty of Arizona

We’re fortunate to live in the magnificent Southwest where we can spend time outdoors nearly every single day. During the spring, and even as the hot summer months are approaching, we can take advantage of the cool mornings and the mild evenings for a stroll through the park, a hike or bike ride. Now is the perfect time to experience…

Enjoy the arts!

I was fortunate to be exposed to the arts at a very young age. Growing up in New York, my earliest memories date back to when my grandparents took my sisters and me to see The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. It was a tradition we kept every year. We also saw “Annie” on Broadway and watched in…

Food, glorious food

Like most families, our gatherings always include food. Whether we are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, a graduation or special holiday, food is always front and center and is what brings us together. Since we have three young children, we often host many of these get-togethers at our home. Once in a while we'll dine out. We let the kids pick…

Focus on health 
and fitness.

Have you made your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you’ve decided to spend more time with your kids than your iPhone. Or perhaps you’ll finally tackle that junk drawer or linen closet. However, if you’re like millions of Americans who commit to exercising more and eating less, you’ll be happy to know this issue is packed with plenty of health and…