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The Power of Play

Seeing kids romp and frolic with pals on grassy fields appears to be an ordinary component of childhood.

Having a Healthy Home: Nature In Your Living Room

For those craving a little green in their living space, indoor plants help not only to spruce up the décor, but the atmosphere as well. Brian Whitfill, owner of Whitfill Nursery, says that plants help to create more oxygen and clean the air.

Dip into Cool Total-Body Routines

Water is just about the most versatile training tool out there, and with Chandler Aquatics, the options for getting a killer H2O workout abound. Land-based exercises only target one muscle group, while water-based routines workout several muscles groups in every move you make. The water is pushing on your muscles from every direction and provides more resistance than air does,…

Reboot Your Body

In his 30s, Dr. Noel Abood was told he had high visceral fat and high triglycerides. Despite his efforts to exercise and eat well, his triglyceride number didn’t go down so for a while, he gave up. Then, at age 49, he had a heart attack and it made him realize that he needed to truly find a solution for his…

Refresh Your Life

Spring has finally arrived in the East Valley. The temperatures are rising, the wildflowers are blooming and, with Spring Training behind us, the MLB games are underway. Spring is also traditionally a time to deep clean your home from top to bottom, donating or tossing items you don’t use anymore and organizing everything that’s left. As Rachel Winter, Founder and…

A World of Wellness

Since the day Cielo Aesthetics & Wellness first opened for business, their caring and experienced staff has been committed to offering outstanding services to clients, leading to positive changes in their lives.

Barrow Brain and Spine’s Growing Neurosurgery Practice is Local Resource for World Class Brain and Spine Care

There’s no doubt about it. Over the past 30 year Barrow has helped to put Phoenix on the map as a healthcare destination as it is known worldwide for its extraordinary contributions to the field of neurosurgery. Today, more and more patients in the East Valley community are enjoying convenient access to this premiere brain and spine care resource right…

Pet Therapy

Exploring the benefits of pet therapy is fascinating. Therapy pets are used in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and counseling offices. Studies show that the presence of a dog decreases anxiety, lowers blood pressure and increases life expectancy.