Shula’s Steak House Serves Up Exceptional Cuisine at Gila River Hotels & Casinos – Wild Horse Pass

For those with a taste for perfection, your table is awaiting at Shula’s Steak House at Gila River Hotels & Casinos – Wild Horse Pass. Founded by the legendary football coach of the Miami Dolphins, Don Shula, Shula’s has a polished history of delivering consistently high quality, chef-driven cuisine paired with award-winning wine lists and craft cocktails.

Recipes From Our Readers

 Butternut Squash & Bacon Casserole   3 lbs. butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1/2-inch cubes   3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, divided 3 Tbsp. fresh sage leaves, minced  1 red onion, chopped

Wonderful Watermelon

The temperatures are rising, and nothing says summer in the kitchen like the cool, juicy taste of watermelon! This versatile annual fruit has many places at the table, from breakfast to dessert, sweet to savory, and salads to slushies—there’s almost no summer dish that isn’t enhanced by the watery bite of this ancient melon.


At Roy's Restaurant, food is art. Founded by culinary pioneer and James Beard Award-winner Roy Yamaguchi, the restaurant features Hawaiian fusion cuisine. It boasts locations in five states, with two restaurants in Arizona (Chandler and Desert Ridge). Here, the tantalizing and well-plated Class Four.

Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving always reminds me of my grandmother’s Green Bean Casserole. It was my most favorite dish of the year. From the canned green beans to the French’s Crispy Fried Onions, it was warm and creamy, baked in a casserole dish, and served after just a bit of spooning to mix the ingredients. It took her less time to make than…

Undercover Veggies

 Article Michelle Guerrero | Photography Lifestyle Media and Branding  Mark Coakley, executive chef at Ginger Monkey Tavern and father of three, is passionate about inventing delicious dishes for people of all ages. He also knows a few things about encouraging kids to eat their veggies and offers his family secrets to making it enjoyable.  “One thing that always helped us…

A Smoky Sensation

 Article and Photography  A mezcalito, which means  “little Mezcal,” is a trending cocktail style that typically mixes mezcal with fruit juices and agaves. In Las Palmas' Piña Mezcalito, the smoked pineapple complements the smoky notes of the Rayu Mezcal. This drink recently won Best Cocktail at the Chandler Spirits Festival. Try one yourself!   Las Palmas Cantina's Piña Mezcalito

Sweet Chili Ribs

 Article Provided    Ingredients

The Tastes of Spring

Chef Kit Tang of Ko’sin and Chef Fabrice Buschtetz of Cuisine & Wine Bistro share their favorite recipes using local, in-season ingredients for the freshest of flavors. Many of these vegetables can be acquired from local farms and farmers markets. 

Decadence, Redefined

As a little girl growing up in Illinois, Denae Hostetler would help her mom, who worked in a fudge shop, to make different types of candies for special occasions.

Gather ‘Round the Kitchen Table

Marcy Makoviecki combined her passion for food and community to create Mix Cooking School. Foodies of all ages can come together to learn new skills and great recipes and then enjoy a dining experience at the end of class.

The Best Spring Pie Ever

I absolutely love fresh strawberries when they are in season and my favorite way to enjoy them is when they are covered in chocolate! My mom was always a great cook, as is my sister. But I never did well following recipes because I loved improvising. A few years back, I was about to make a cheesecake and some chocolate-covered…

Classic Salad Nicoise

After indulging in all the heavy foods of winter, I’m now ready for something fresh, easy and a little lighter on the palate. My ‘go to’ dish this time of year is frequently salad, especially one that has some good protein in it and is best served not quite so chilled.

Perfect Pairings

Fred and Ginger, hugs and kisses, wine and chocolate…some things just naturally go together! When we think of decadence or special occasions, we frequently think of chocolate and wine, a food and drink combination that beckons to the gourmand in all of us.

Sweet Gatherings

Bloggers From Around the Valley Share Their Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

Bountiful Gatherings

Time is a valuable commodity around Thanksgiving. There never seems to be enough of it to get all the trimmings for the big dinner finished at the same time. Luckily, these quick and easy side dishes are a holiday life saver—they can be easily prepared ahead, and are sure to earn rave reviews from your guests.

Linguine with feta, tomatoes, fresh oregano and shrimp

Looking for a light summer dish? Queen Creek Olive Mill provided this delicious meal using simple and fresh ingredients such as vine-ripened tomatoes and local olive oil. Queen Creek Olive Mill is a place where people can come and enjoy a real Agritourism experience in Queen Creek, featuring olive oils, balsamic vinegar, olives and specialty goods. Queen Creek Olive Mill…

When the Southwest meets Wine Country

Nothing says summer better than a festive outdoor dinner table laden with fresh salads, grilled seafood and a glass of crisp, chilled wine. And with the summer heat still lingering, this is a great dinner option that doesn't require you to heat your oven! Our ceviche recipe takes a classic Mexican dish and gives it a little twist of California,…