Animal Style

If you're in the mood to lighten up your wardrobe, aim for natural tones inspired by nature. Shades of neutrals with pops of camel and olive green will make you feel like you're coming straight off the plane from the Serengeti. These light colors ooze with warmth and coziness, which are perfect for everyday wear.

Be a Responsible Pet Parent

Don’t get bitten – know the laws for responsible pet ownership. The city of Chandler adheres to the laws and ordinances involving cats and dogs adopted by Maricopa County. For more information visit

Caring for your senior pet

If you have an aging pet, there are some things you should be aware of in order to ensure good overall health. Our friends over at Animal Medical Center of Chandler, including new veterinarian Dr. Gabriela Durig, provided some helpful tips when caring for your senior pet:

Make Your Outdoor Space Wildlife-Friendly

As we take the time to make ourselves more comfortable during the heat of the summer, we can do the same for the wildlife around us. Krys Hammers, president of the Desert Rivers Audubon Society, explains that it is important to do so because “as cities grow and sprawl, we are taking up much of that habitat that used to…