Dance Your Way to Health

Ready to try something new? Why not consider the health benefits that come with dancing? Yes, dancing—like you did as a kid, but this time it may be more fun than you’re thinking. 

Mother and daughter Lisa and Lindsey Bianco own the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Chandler and Gilbert.

They understand that dancing, especially as an adult, can make a person feel vulnerable.

“It’s a lot to put yourself out there and you may be worried that you’ll do the wrong moves,” Lindsey says.

But, not only is dancing fun, the health benefits are worth it, too.

“The main benefits of dance are improved cardiovascular endurance, increases in muscular tone, reductions in excess body weight, and improvements in coordination and balance,” she says. “More specifically, creating a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories will eliminate one pound of excess body weight. A typical individual weighing 150 pounds can expect to burn between 175 and 250 calories per every 30 minutes of performing a Latin and Salsa dance-oriented routine.”

Their tip for adults who want to get into the swing of dancing? Consider beginner classes and lessons that are geared toward new dancers. For example, Fred Astaire Dance Studio specializes in partner dances like ballroom, Latin, swing, and more—and is open to new students with little to no experience and body shapes of all types. It’s a great way to pick up a new hobby with the side benefit that you might also lose weight and become healthier.

While you can bring a partner or friend, you can also go solo. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you’ll be paired up with an instructor for dance lessons.

Other perks of dance lessons for adults, according to experts, include: stress relief, a mental workout (especially when learning new routines!), the social experience, increased flexibility, a unique take on “me time,” and more.

“At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, students learn to social dance—essentially dances they can do in a social setting with confidence,” Lindsey explains. “We also have a competitive track students can do as well, but many come to learn, try new things, and kick-start a fitness routine.”

Their advice? Be open to learning and having fun.

To learn more, visit or call 480.917.9133.


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Positive Benefits of Dance


According to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio website, a recent study showed that salsa dancing positively impacts people’s moods.


Dancing can often burn more calories than “more traditional” workout routines such as jogging.