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Michael Garcia Helps Launch a New Business to Help Others

Michael Garcia, who has been helping people with eye care services for more than 20 years, realized that people put off getting eye exams and glasses “because they have a hard time fitting it in their busy schedules,” he says.

So he did something about it.

Now the co-founder and CEO of Sight On Site Mobile Eye Care (SOSEyeCare.com), a company that brings eye care to workplaces, he joined together with Kerri Luce, co-founder and optometrist; John Riley, co-founder and optometrist; and Joy Perluisi, co-founder and clinic coordinator, to launch the company in June 2019.

“We set up eye care inside businesses throughout Chandler and the greater Phoenix Metro area,” Michael explains. “We provide eye exams, glasses and contact lenses all on-site. We make eye care simple and convenient. We allow companies to offer our amazing benefit for no cost to the company. Companies can be the hero and employees can get convenient eye care with great prices. 

Sight On Site Mobile Eye Care offers digital eye exam equipment “that you will not find anywhere else,” Michael says, and is the only company in Arizona offering custom made glasses by 3DNA eyewear.

“For the past 22 years I have been passionate about helping people see better. As a father and husband, I know how hard it is to make time to go to the eye doctor. With our new business we have accomplished making eye care more convenient so people always have an easy way to get the eye care help they need without sacrificing family time. I also love helping businesses by helping make sure that their employees always see their best leading to improved productivity and a lot less headaches,” Michael says.