It was an honor and privilege to sit down and interview Howie Mandel, who is featuring on this month’s cover. Not only have I watched him perform many times throughout the years—both on TV and in person at his comedy shows—but because of the message he was sharing. Heart health is so important. Take a moment to read what he has to say and take his advice and be on top of your own heart health.

Most of the rest of this issue is dedicated to fashion and style. Read about two local designers, Jummy Salami and Joy Li, who are making their mark in the fashion world and view their stunning designs. We also showcase Jewel Ya, a local jewelry maker. And, we spoke with Aladdin Hussein at Artful Tailoring for his tips on buying a perfect suit. Plus, if you’re ready to take advantage of fall’s (slightly) cooler temps and are ready to hit the links, we showcase some fun golf fashions.

In this issue we also feature a gorgeous kitchen remodel designed by interior designer Dena Thomas—because style is all around us!

Let this issue inspire you to be healthy, fashionable and to have fun!