When a friendship blossoms into love and a family is re-united in Mexico, a quality tequila is born

Fields of endless blue weber agave plants in the lowlands in Jalisco, Mexico are a serene reminder of a family’s reunion and the love shared among Señor Rio co-founders. 

“It is in the spirit of family and tradition that we proudly bring to you Señor Rio Tequila,” note Co-founders Jonathan and Debbie Medina Gach at SenorRio.com.

Debbie, a Chicago native, had moved to Gilbert, where she had met Jonathan. It was a short time later when she received an unexpected phone call from her father, who was in Mexico. The two had had a 30-year separation. That call resulted in the couple’s memorable trip to Jalisco.

During the emotional and joyful reunion, Debbie and Jonathan tried the special homemade tequila that Debbie’s father only shared with family and friends, made from a recipe handed down through the generations. They were impressed with its smoothness and quality. Debbie’s father—or Señor Rio as he was known by those he was close to—later gifted the family’s process and recipe to the couple.

Today, his picture is the iconic logo on the stylish bottles that Jonathan designed.

Señor Rio’s tequilas are all handcrafted in small batches. They include Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Double Barrel Añejo, Extra Añejo and Café Elegancia. The company has won awards in taste and presentation from the L.A. Wine and Spirits Competition, the Spirits of Mexico competition, and the San Francisco Wine and Spirits competition. 

Despite the family’s devastating loss of Jonathan, the couple’s legacy continues to grow as Señor Rio is shared among family and friends. On Señor Rio’s 10th anniversary, Debbie donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer in his honor.

Contact the company to schedule a home tasting party or a visit to the distillery, where you can literally sleep in a barrel. The brand is also sold at Total Wine & More.