A new restaurant nourishes the health and happiness of its guests

PULL QUOTE IF WANT: “Chandler is a community where a lot of people care about what they eat. They want food that tastes good and is good for them, but also comes from suppliers they can trust.”



David Nelson, owner of the new Cherish Farm Fresh Eatery, felt that Chandler was the perfect place to open a health-focused restaurant for a variety of reasons.

“Chandler is a community where a lot of people care about what they eat,” he says. “They want food that tastes good and is good for them, but also comes from suppliers they can trust.”

At Cherish, which just opened in February, Nelson says that the restaurant places a unique focus on creating a wide variety of healthy options, with a specific focus on vegan, keto and gluten-free offerings. The eatery, which is open daily for all three meals, is an independent restaurant and not part of a chain.

“One thing that stands out about Cherish is how varied our menu is,” Nelson says. “We recognize that people are individuals and that healthy eating looks different to everyone, so we keep that in mind.”

One of Cherish’s most popular items so far, according to Nelson, is the keto steak sandwich. Featuring grass-fed steak, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce and cloud bread, it’s a fan favorite.

“The cloud bread can be used for any sandwich and only has two grams of carbs,” he says.

Nelson adds that Cherish’s executive chef is Steven Fowler, formerly of EVO.

Other popular favorites are the pink lady salad (rainbow chard, butter lettuce, pink lady apples, pink grapefruit, strawberries, spiced walnuts, zinfandel goat cheese, and pomegranate vinaigrette) and the vegan banh mi sandwich (roasted golden beets, shitake mushroom and tofu pâté, bean sprouts, pickled diakon radish and carrots, shaved jalapeño, cilantro, banh mi sauce, and a noble vegan hogie).

For breakfast, items include super fruit bowls, custom plates, grain bowls, and other specialty dishes. For pizza lovers there are cauliflower crust pizzas, and there are even healthy drink options, such as fresh-crushed juice and organic coffee. The menu also offers kids meals—everything from the traditional grilled cheese to allowing them to pick favorites from the traditional menu.

“Our goal is to be approachable and very family friendly,” Nelson says.

“We consider a great meal just the beginning of our commitment to you as our guest,” they share on their website. “We say ‘Today We Cherish’ as a reminder to reflect upon those people and moments that bring joy and happiness into our lives. And, whether your happiness is Sunday brunch with family, lunch with coworkers, dinner and wine with friends, or just some time alone away from your hectic life, we commit to providing a welcoming, positive environment in which you can experience these moments you cherish with the people you cherish.”

“We want every one of our guests to feel welcomed and cared about,” Nelson explains. “We want them to feel good about their experience here and enjoy the hospitality. Not just because they ate good food, but we want the overall experience to feel good.”

Cherish Farm Fresh Eatery is located at 2551 W. Queen Creek Road. Find out more at CherishRestaurant.com.