Harness the power of the pool to switch up your next strength workout

Water is just about the most versatile training tool out there, and with Chandler Aquatics, the options for getting a killer H2O workout abound. Land-based exercises only target one muscle group, while water-based routines workout several muscles groups in every move you make. The water is pushing on your muscles from every direction and provides more resistance than air does, explains Aquatics Recreation Coordinator Jessica Chamberlain.   

“When you’re in the water your whole body has to stabilize as you exercise,” she says. “You’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had after a water workout. There’s constant core engagement.”

Aqua fit can provide the same intensity as a workout at the gym or on the track, but because of the resistance the water provides, it puts less strain on your joints while working your muscles harder. For example, loaded exercises like squats, lunges and presses become low-impact while still providing a challenging workout.

The water-resistance effect can crank up your cardio, too.

Counting calories? Take a class and burn from around 270 calories to over 500.

From refreshed routines to evening offerings, Chandler Aquatics has turned the pool into a giant piece of total-body strength equipment.

Experience the camaraderie of group fitness when you dip into deep water aqua fit or a high-intensity tAQUAta. You’ll sculpt, tone and build up your endurance while you jam to today’s hits—all within a fun, supportive community.

Not quite ready to dive in? Hop on a board.

Even taking your fitness regimen atop the water surface triggers similar benefits. Float your flow in one of the SUP (stand-up paddleboard) Yoga classes. Just keeping yourself steady on a floating yoga board can work stabilizing muscles from abs to calves.

“Doing yoga on an unstable platform forces you to be present and intentional with all of your movements, giving you that total-body workout you seek in the gym,” Jessica explains.

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