Well, Now I’m Hungry!

Love to eat and drink? Then this issue will whet your appetite!

This month we celebrate all things food and drink. To start, we hit the road to check out some of Chandler’s fabulous food trucks (pg. XX). Learn the stories and people behind the ventures, as well as what tasty treats each truck offers. So yummy!

For those of you who love to grill, Oren Molovinsky from Farmboy Market shares his tips on which wood to use for different types of meat (pg. XX). Follow his advice and you’ll have perfectly cooked and perfectly flavorful meat. Trust me, I’ll be giving a copy of that page to my hubby, who loves to grill up a good steak. His are great, but now they’ll be even better!

And, since the Valley is known for its top-notch and celebrity chefs, we spoke with three of them. They helm restaurants from Chandler to Paradise Valley to Phoenix, and they gave us the scoop on where they choose to eat when they’re not at their own locations (plus what they crave from their own menus, of course). Read about their picks on page XX.

To complement all the great food we talk about, we also have some fun cocktail recipes for you to mix up (page XX). More of a wine drinker? You’ll be inspired by the wine cellars in our story on page XX—I know I was. (Confession: I was also wandering around my house after looking at all those photos wondering where I could add one to my home!).

So here’s to a tasty, filling and craving-busting month. Eat, drink and be merry!

Until next month,