It’s bittersweet to write this letter, as it will be my last as editor of this magazine. Over the last 14 months, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this post but the time has come for my reign to end. This wasn’t an easy decision but after weeks of long discussions with my husband and some soul-searching, I’ve decided to scale back on work to spend more time with our daughters. This time with them, while they’re this young, is fleeting, and I’d like to cherish as much of it as I can. As cliche as it sounds, you can’t get this time back—and I’m starting to realize that more and more as they get older. 

I’ll miss you all, but I leave you in great hands as the new editor is not only a professional colleague and friend of mine, but someone who is vastly knowledgable in the field of publishing and has years of editorial experience. I’m confident she’ll find you the best local stories to keep you in-the-know about all things Chandler. I’ll let her announce who she is, so be on the lookout for her introduction in next month’s letter. 

While my time as editor wasn’t long, my love for Chandler is everlasting. 

See you around!