Four Ways to Beat the Heat and Save Your Summer

When the temperatures climb into the triple digits and seemingly stay there for weeks on end, people of all ages in Chandler seek out cool activities—both literally and figuratively. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to beat the heat this summer. Check out the following ideas that are ideal for kids, adults and families.

For Kids: Giggles

Kids ages 9 months to 6 years can jump, play, pretend and more at Giggles in Chandler. Owner Sang Lee says he and his wife opened their first indoor play space in Corona, Cali., in 2013, after seeing how much fun their young daughter had at an indoor playground.

“We thought it would be really nice to own a play place for our little ones to jump, run around freely, use their imaginations playing pretend play, and build their social skills by playing with other little ones,” he says.

Lee and his family relocated to Chandler, where they opened Giggles, an indoor playground featuring play structures, trampolines, a pretend camping area, a stage, a house and treehouse, as well as a private party room and dining room.

Giggles is located at 2988 N. Alma School Road. For more information, call 480.476.9565 or visit

For Adults: Paddleboard Yoga

For people who want to try yoga with a splash, Paddleboard Yoga is just the thing. Sarah Williams, owner of Desert Paddleboards, says people may register for her classes, which are held on Saturdays at the Hamilton Aquatic Center, through the city of Chandler Aquatic website.

“I started the paddleboard yoga classes because I wanted to build people’s confidence and get them out paddleboarding on a lake or river. If they can make it through a paddleboard yoga class, they can paddleboard on a lake,” Williams says. “It’s so hot in the summer, being in a pool makes working out refreshing and fun, and the classes are suitable for everyone. The worst thing that can happen is you fall in the pool. When it’s hot out, that’s pretty enjoyable!”

To register, visit or text Williams at 480.201.9520. For more information, visit

For Families: ESCAPE:chandler

Chandler residents Kate and Lewis Obermiller opened ESCAPE:chandler in April. Kate says her family has always loved puzzles and solving mysteries, so visiting escape rooms quickly became a family-favorite activity. After finding it challenging to find escape rooms that were family-friendly, they decided to open their own.

“ESCAPE:chandler is a unique place because we offer games suitable and fun for all ages,” Kate says. “We currently have two games open: Pawn Shop, where you try and find a laptop with $2 million worth of diamonds hidden inside, and Tony’s Bistro, an Italian restaurant-themed game where you’re trying to find a mobster’s cash hidden in the restaurant before the feds come for you.”

ESCAPE:chandler is located at 312 N. Alma School Road, Suite 9. For more information, call 480.466.0005 or visit

For Families: H2-Whoa!

Families who want to enjoy a cool day at the lake will have a blast at H2-Whoa! General manager Taylor Nelson says the business, which opened in April, features three slides. The recreational swim platforms are 32 feet high and 80 feet long and feature 2-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot ramps.

“The slide is great because families do not need to have a boat in order to enjoy time out here in the water,” Nelson says, adding that H2-Whoa! is located next to Dillon’s BBQ, so it’s a good place to spend a fun afternoon with family at the lake. “This is a great experience for anyone looking for an entertaining adrenaline rush!”

Kids must be 9 years and up to participate. H2-Whoa! is located at Pleasant Harbor Marina, 40202 87th Ave., Peoria. For more information, call 480.466.2904 or visit