Summer’s here again and I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of a drag. You’d think I would be use to it by now, having lived in the Valley since I was 4 years old, but—newsflash!—I’m not. The instant sauna that hits your entire body the minute you step outside, the makeup that melts off while the car air-conditioner is ramping up, the pool that feels like bath water at 4 p.m. It’s hot. All the time. Everywhere. And it doesn’t end. 

While I understand these are #firstworldproblems, it’s not easy to get used to these inconveniences. These are the days where I’m counting down to that first chill in the air, which arrives some time in late October. It’s like the entire city takes a deep sigh of relief and gives a group high-five, as if to say, “Yay, we did it! We made it through another summer!”

But there’s also things that I enjoy about our scorching-hot days, like the seasonal fruits that are overflowing at the grocery store. Yes, please, to sweet blueberries, strawberries, peaches, corn and watermelon. Yes, please, to eating popsicles in the pool and having chips and guac and margaritas for dinner. 

Summers are also meant for vacations and staycations. We recently spent a week in the North Shore of Hawaii where we ate shaved ice and played on the warm beaches all day long. Talk about heaven on earth! I have two plans in place for the days when we’re so over the heat: 1) Drive up north to our family’s cabin to find some respite and 2) staycation, staycation, staycation! If your’e like me, then you delight in the summer staycation deals offered at most Valley resorts. When else am I going to stay at the Phoenician for under $200/night (while basking in glorious 70-degree in-room air conditioning)?

To help you explore local resorts offering great summer promotions, check out our article on Local Escapes on page TKTK. If staycations aren’t your thing but you’re looking for something to do to beat the heat, our article on page TKTK shows you four activities that are great for kids, adults and the entire family. And if you’re in the market for a new summer cocktail to enjoy by the pool, go to page TKTK for the recipe for Las Palmas Cantina’s Piña Mezcalito, a smoky beverage that’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before. 

Happy reading!