Let’s take a minute to honor some amazing men in our community. As you flip to our main feature on page TKTK, you’ll read more about them but let me take a moment to give you a quick run-down. Basically, they’re all ballers. They’re volunteers who are deeply embedded and invested in our community; they’re advocates for our children’s education; one is helping veterans navigate through college while another is helping them heal through their past traumas—and every single one of them works in some way to help others, whether that’s through a podcast, a fundraiser or simply by giving out a hug. It goes to show you that helping others can take on many different masks but in the end, it all makes a positive impact.

It’s a great group of guys and I can’t wait for you to learn more about them! Most of them met for the first time at our photo shoot at the Bondurant Museum off of Wild Horse Pass. Something magical was in the air that morning because they instantly clicked! By the time we were wrapping up, I overheard them planning a get together, totally on their own and separate from the magazine. In fact, they asked me to email everyone’s contact information so they could get the ball rolling! This is what happens when you put a room full of community connectors together. I love it. Maybe they’ll go to one of the hot spots featured on page TKTK. We rounded up some of the coolest places for a guys’ night, so it sounds like a perfect match!

To all the dads, grandfathers and father-figures out there, I wish you a delightful Father’s Day filled with love and celebration!