The 2018 Women of Chandler 1

Honoring the Women Who Better Our City


The Mental Health Crusader 

Katey McPherson

Through her work as a teacher, guidance counselor and school administrator, Katey McPherson has spent the last 23 years being an advocate for children.

“If you are a parent, educator, mental health professional or an administrator in any school district in our area, and especially the Chandler Unified School District, Katey has had a positive impact on you, your community and your family,” notes those who nominated McPherson, adding that she “works tirelessly to promote the mental health and welfare for our teens, speaking to crowds of concerned parents, children, school administrators and professionals.”

Recently, McPherson has used these various experiences to create forums, town halls and discussion groups, which she has conducted throughout the U.S. and abroad.

McPherson is the co-author of a book for parents that has been receiving local and national attention, titled WTF: Why Teens Fail-What To Fix. The book was inspired in part by her years of interacting with middle school children in crisis.

She is a member of the Gurian Institute and also co-founder of Project Connect 4, a nonprofit organization that offers training for parents, educators, administrators and community agencies in Chandler. The mission of this group is to promote the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, mental health and wellness of children.

McPherson also strives to help others through her work on social media; specifically as an ambassador and referral source on the community Facebook group, Ocotillo Friends. She is also a keynote presenter for the Chandler Police Department Guardian Academy, which helps to promote social media responsibility and internet safety.

“I am dedicated and committed to making Chandler a better, safer, and more connected and inclusive place to live and raise children,” she says.

Referring to McPherson’s self-proclaimed crusade to help improve kids’ lives, online and offline, one nominator states, “Not a tiny crusade. But a most important crusade that will affect society for generations to come.” —AS



The Voice for First Responders

Angela Harrolle

As CEO/President of the nonprofit 100 Club of Arizona, Angela Harrolle’s professional life could not be tied any closer to her personal one.

Harrolle knows all too well what the families supported by 100 Club, which assists survivors of first responders killed or seriously injured in the line of duty, endure. In 2008, her husband Bruce, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer and paramedic, was tragically killed during a rescue mission. Suddenly Harrolle found herself a widow and single mother with two very young children.

It’s a combination of real-life experience and selfless dedication to others that allows Harrolle to propel herself over obstacles that may have crushed others.

In one of her nominations, it states, “As a leader in the first responder community, she often meets people when they are at the worst point in their lives. Despite that, she always finds a way to connect with them and lighten their load.”

In addition to raising Addie, 14, and Justice, 11, Harrolle serves on the board of directors for the Ocotillo Community Association. She also runs The Fed Realty Group, an Ocotillo residential real estate brokerage that focuses on the residential relocation of government employees.

Harrolle’s collaboration with the DPS resulted in legislation known as Harrolle’s Law, which provides line of duty death surviving family members with lifetime health insurance benefits. Additional legislation was passed to produce license plates for the 100 Club supporting first responders. Last year the 100 Club raised $177,000 for police departments in small communities to purchase essential safety equipment like first aid kits and bulletproof vests.

“I have a real passion for assisting public safety, not only those that are currently serving but also those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Harrolle says. —GY



Locally Owned

Angela Fazio

Whether it’s giving families a place to call home, enabling prospective real estate professionals to experience success, or bringing people together to celebrate an event, Angela Fazio has got it covered.

As co-owner and Designated Broker of Revelation Real Estate, the Chandler brokerage she founded in 2005 with husband Chuck, Revelation has amassed a team of more than 750 agents and is one of the top 10 single office, independent brokerage companies in the country.

Revelation has also garnered the reputation of providing top training and resource tools for those wishing to pursue a real estate career through their Chandler Real Estate Training Center.

In an effort to bring together the Chandler community, Fazio built The Forum, a new 21,000 square-foot, LGE-designed and built multi-use facility with a 7,000 square-foot outdoor patio that is available to rent for meetings, parties and events with full bar and catering options. The venue also boasts a Bar/Café that is open to the public.

“The culture Angela has developed and implemented at Revelation is one of quality, integrity, education and professionalism, which is unparalleled in the industry,” according to one of her agents. She is passionate about embracing a servant leadership style in the way they run their business.

As the mom of six children, ages 7 through 26, Fazio is fully immersed in everything community.

“I personally love to teach and lead, build the positive mind set of others, work really hard and have fun while doing so,” Fazio says. “Our companies not only work toward helping people make money and be successful right here in Chandler but also to be better individuals, husbands, wives, parents and friends.” —GY



The Community Advocate

Shelby Pedersen

To understand what drives Shelby Pedersen, you need to go back to her youth, where she first started giving back to her community.

“As a child, I remember attending many community activities with my parents,” Pedersen says, adding that she feels fortunate to have grown up in a household that believed in the power of giving back.

“It was through those many years spent watching my parents volunteer at my school, coach my younger brother’s sports leagues and help with church events that my value for community care was built.”

Pedersen’s desire to help others was made even stronger when she was a teenager, working as a nanny for a young boy who was diagnosed with cancer. She had already formed a bond with the boy prior to his diagnosis, but once she learned what he would be struggling with, she was committed to being involved with him through his journey.

“I have always seen this young man as one of the most important reasons I dedicated my life to helping others, and I am happy to report he has devoted his young life to inspiring others through his service as a cancer survivor,” she says.

Now, as CEO of ICAN, a Chandler nonprofit organization that works with at-risk youth and their families, she is able to fulfill her desire to help others on a daily basis. Every day Pedersen and her staff welcomes more than 200 youth to their facility for after-school programs.

Before becoming ICAN’s CEO in June of last year, Pedersen was the chief development and strategy officer, leading community engagement efforts and strategic planning for the organization—most notably as an integral part of ICAN’s $5.65 million capital campaign between 2009-2012, resulting in a new after-school home for thousands of children in Chandler. —AS