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A Restored Farmhouse Becomes a Place of Dress Dreams

When the owners of Uptown Bridal were looking for a new home for their shop, they didn’t have to look far. Located behind the neighborhood where they grew up sat a charming and empty 1920s farmhouse. 

“We’d drive by and say, ‘That’s the perfect bridal shop,’ and one day we saw it was for sale,” says Nicole Gould, who co-owns the shop with twin sister Tonia Tinker and mom Dianne Everson. “It was serendipitous. This quaint little untouched house in the middle of the city.”

Uptown Bridal made the move from their Downtown Chandler location, where they held shop for the last 10 years, to the historic farmhouse in the 85226. 

“We wanted to preserve the charm and make every that could work, work,” Gould says.

That meant creating a mantle for the existing fireplace. Renovating the kitchen but leaving the original built-in cabinet. Resurfacing the original pine floors.

Brides make a reservation to book the entire space for their squad. It’s a private and customized experience where they can relax, sip champagne and find the perfect wedding dress. 

“We could’ve found a space elsewhere, but we love Chandler and wanted to stay here,” Gould says. 

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“We could’ve found a space elsewhere, but we love Chandler and wanted to stay here.”

Decorating tips from the Uptown girls

Balance vintage and modern looks. We aim for guests to feel the honored history of the building and be surrounded in the comfort of the modern.

We mix pops of dark colors in our light, airy space to spice up the very sweet look. 

From our pink refrigerator to a spinning cupcake Ferris wheel, we love seeing our clients enjoy, giggle, snap photos and chat about our darling space.