Recycled City Brings Composting to Your Door. Literally.

When Lyndsey Bennett and her husband opened Raw Juice Bar in Chandler in October 2014, they quickly realized that they wanted to do something environmentally friendly with the vast amounts of raw pulp their business generates on a daily basis.

“We try hard to produce as little trash as possible and recycle or compost as much as we can, and we use a lot of compostable products,” Bennett says. “When we use our juicer we create a lot of pulp so it’s a shame to just throw it into the trash.”

Bennett contacted Recycled City, a Chandler-based company that collects compostables from residential and commercial customers and transforms it into usable compost.

“We usually fill our bins up every few weeks and they come and grab them. Honestly, I don’t even think about it, it’s that easy,” Bennett says. 

J.D. Hill, manager and founder of Recycled City, works with a number of commercial customers like the Bennetts, as well as people who live in single-family homes, apartments and condos. Recycled City opened in January 2014.

“We collect compostables and turn it into finished compost,” Hill says. “Once it is finished, the customer can request it or donate it; otherwise it is used on one of our farms. For commercial businesses like restaurants, all the compost made is used to build farmland on our farms.”

Recycled City’s approach to creating compost is definitely working. In the four-plus years they have been in business, Hill says they have diverted around 4 million pounds of compostables from the landfill and “into farmland for the future.”

To keep odor to a minimum, Recycled City uses an odor preventer, which is a mixture of microorganisms combined with wheat bran, molasses and non-chlorinated water. It starts the decomposition process immediately, which greatly reduces the smell of the food scraps in the compost bin.

Motivated by the fact that she wouldn’t have to deal with the stench of raw chicken in the garbage can anymore, Chandler resident Christina Trecina started using Recycled City’s services three years ago.  

“At the time, we had our large city trash cans in the garage until trash day, and in the summer the smell of raw chicken in the heat was outrageous,” Trecina says. “I haven’t had to smell that in three years, and it’s been wonderful.” 

“Their service makes it so easy to compost. I leave the bucket on my front porch behind a pillar and I bring out any food or paper scraps I have leftover from cooking that day,” she continues. “They come by and take it away every Wednesday and leave me a fresh bucket.” 

By composting her food waste, Trecina is also happy to be doing something positive for the planet.

“But it feels like I’m doing hardly anything at all since Recycled City does all the heavy lifting,” she says. 

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