Sustaining the Small Business 2

four local influencers chime in on their thoughts about the climate of small business in Chandler and why it matters to “shop local.” (Hint: It means a lot more than you might think.)

Terri Kimble
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Small-to-medium businesses make up 95 percent of the diverse Chandler business community. They are the heart and soul of our community. Our business owners are innovative, technically savvy and ready to move into the future! Mix Cooking School offers the community ways to bond with your family, network with business associates or enjoy a nice evening with your spouse learning how to whip up a gourmet French meal. AR Workshop guides its customers into getting in touch with their creative side with painting and crafting classes that will have you coming back for more.

Carissa Krausman
Local Business Owner
Shoe Thrill
Small businesses are hugely important to the growth and economic development of Chandler. It’s the idea of being a neighbor on a grand scale. We personally donate to schools and the community, give personal service and are a unique destination shopping experience that is dying quickly. Shopping local keeps our tax payers dollars in our own community. It is our friends, family and neighborhoods that benefit. It is a sense of pride that makes shopping local so important. We are being overrun by the convenience of things like Amazon, but Amazon will never provide you with an in-store experience. We need to protect this at all costs.

Micah Miranda
Economic Development Director
City of Chandler
It is extremely important for Chandler residents and business to “Shop Chandler” for several reasons. 1) The local businesses we support are our neighbors who have made a commitment to the community; I believe we should in turn support them, 2) Shopping Chandler creates an “internal ripple effect” where dollars are recycled in the local economy which furthers economic activity and job, and 3) The high-quality services provided by the city of Chandler are overwhelmingly supported by sales tax collections from local businesses.

Denise McCreery
Local Business Owner
d’vine Gourmet
The climate in Chandler is changing on a daily business, and it’s tough for small businesses to keep up while large chains and big box stores continue to move into the community. Small business owners tend to work, play and do business themselves in their own community, so when we support a small local biz, we are supporting the entire supply chain, from vendors to employees. It also helps keep our community unique and different, less “cookie cutter” if you will, which helps attract visitors and homeowners to our area.