We are one month into 2018 and many resolutions have already come and gone. While we always start the New Year with the best intentions, only 7 percent of those commitments are ever realized.

As a local Chandler business, this year I have promised to be intentional when shopping and spending my money. I pledge to “shop local” and avoid driving outside our community; avoid the chains and big box stores; and avoid the convenience of online shopping. Amazon and Best Buy are doing little to contribute to an improved lifestyle for us Chandlerites and we all need to think about that more.

Our first annual Readers’ Choice Awards is a great way to recognize those businesses and professionals who are investing in making Chandler a better place to live and work. I have to admit; I did not anticipate the flood of nominations and votes that we would receive! Nor did I realize the passion you have for those you would like to see honored. There were lots of surprise—some businesses I was not familiar with, and some that were my favorites. Our staff did a good job making sure the winners were not revealed until this issue came out and I think you will enjoy finding out who won each category for 2017.

You may have also noticed a change in our look that started with our January issue. Chandler Lifestyle is a part of Lifestyle Publications, with magazines across the country. As the company grows, we have caught the attention of national and regional companies who understand the value of hyper-local print. On this larger scale, we need a fresh look that will transcend across the country but allow us to bring you the local content you are accustomed to and interested in. Change is hard but I really like the new look and would love to hear your feedback, so let me know.

Hope to see you around town soon!