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re:vitalize Uses Science to Aid Weight Loss

In his 30s, Dr. Noel Abood was told he had high visceral fat and high triglycerides. Despite his efforts to exercise and eat well, his triglyceride number didn’t go down so for a while, he gave up. Then, at age 49, he had a heart attack and it made him realize that he needed to truly find a solution for his health issues.

Speaking with an old colleague, Dr. Abood found out about a program that combines three technologies to take the guesswork out of weight loss. Using what is referred to as “biometric analysis,” it essentially provides a roadmap of what your body needs to restore balance. This program is what helped Dr. Abood lose 40 pounds and put his triglyceride levels back within the normal range.

With his weight loss success, he was inspired to help others do the same by using the same program. Thus, re:vitalize weight loss & wellness center was born. 

re:vitalize guarantees clients will lose at least 20 pounds. Their program works to balance clients internally so that it leads to a higher metabolism, which then leads to weight loss. In addition, re:vitalize works closely with clients on creating individualized nutrition plans and promises the program will change their cravings and make it easier to maintain the lost weight.

“If you don’t take care of your body then someone else will—and chances are they will have a scalpel in their hands,” says Dr. Abood.

When a client first begins, they stand on a scale that measures weight, body mass index (BMI), visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass and even metabolic age. Other body sensors are used to determine areas of deficiency—for example, being low in certain vitamins and minerals. They also use technology that can tell which foods are best to ingest for the client’s body. After the assessment, a coach or doctor sits down with the client and goes over the results.

The client leaves with an individualized nutrition plan and a food journal to document their eating habits. There is a daily check-in to help stay accountable and an office visit once a week to take measurements. Clients also have 24/7 phone access to the doctor and staff. For instance, if they’re grocery shopping and wonder if “x” or “y” bread or yogurt is a healthy choice, they can call a staff member or doctor and receive guidance. Once the program period has ended, clients continue to come in once a month to have measurements taken and make any adjustments to their lifestyle, if needed.

“People say they are no longer on their CPAP machines for sleep, they don’t hide from having their photos taken, they can now play with their children or grandchildren, they’re off their blood pressure or diabetes medicine,” says Dr. Abood. “These are the things we see every day and I love it!”                   

re:vitalize weight loss and wellness

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