Holiday Traditions 3

Sharing Some of Our Community’s Best Holiday Memories

Carissa Krausman

Shoe Thrill

For as long as I can remember, our family had a special breakfast item that was reserved for the holidays: Dutch Babies. These delicious, fluffy casserole concoctions were regularly made on holiday mornings. I remember running down the stairs to the smell of these perfectly baked golden brown vessels that could be topped with everything from fruit and nuts to sugars and syrup. The best part is they have a boat-like rim that keeps all the delicious toppings from escaping. Nothing replaces the feeling of sitting around the kitchen table with my parents and little brothers; the feeling of relaxing and smiling and truly enjoying each other’s company and the love we shared as a family. 

Rosemary Geary, MD 

East Valley Dermatology

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree, which we do on Thanksgiving weekend. We have a lot of ornaments ranging from homemade to family heirlooms. Whenever we travel, I always purchase an ornament from that place. It is so wonderful remembering all the places we have gone to over the years and reminiscing as we hang each ornament. After the tree is finished, it’s time to watch the best Christmas movie ever, Elf. Enjoying this time with family and friends is a great way to wrap up the year.  

Denise Garcia, MD 

Desert Eyesthetics

My children’s favorite holiday tradition is going to their grandma’s annual Christmas pajama party. We all get together usually a week before Christmas and, while wearing our festive Christmas pajamas, we share a meal, exchange presents, play Left-Right-Center and lounge together on grandma’s very cozy sofas. This is a can’t-miss event and kicks off the Christmas season for our family!

Betty Bartuch

Resident, Renaissance Retirement Living at Sun Lakes

Coming from an Italian/Catholic background, traditions are important to me. I used to live in a suburb of Chicago where I shared a home with my husband, three sons, my brother and  our mother. Every Christmas Eve, the entire family would gather to enjoy a fish dinner. The tradition continued until my oldest son, Tony, developed an allergy to fish and had to be rushed to the E.R. Most of the adults would go to midnight mass. Those who stayed home with the children would go the following morning. Everyone would spend the night at our home. On Christmas morning, one of the adults would dress up as Santa and visit with the kids. Christmas dinner was homemade lasagna (or sometimes ravioli) and a roast, always served with wine for the adults!