Eat, Drink, Sing 1

Singing Pandas Offers Food and Fun for the Whole Family

A unique experience fits the unique name of this restaurant gem in Chandler. Customers rave about the authentic Asian cuisine served at Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar, but that’s not the only reason they keep coming back. The restaurant offers free nightly entertainment—a fun element for those who want some live music with their Moo Shu Pork.

At the helm is Mike Russell, the restaurant’s entertainment director who pulls off impressive impersonations of Elvis and Neil Diamond. He is joined onstage by owner Sherry Chen, a beautiful chanteuse who has a vast amount of experience in both the restaurant business and the entertainment world. She started singing lessons at 7 years old and has sung professionally since she was 18. Her repertoire includes singing in four different languages, in addition to songs from your favorite artists.

“We offer a unique atmosphere that includes the best food, service and fun entertainment you’ll find,” Russell says. “It’s like experiencing a little touch of a Vegas show right here in Chandler.”

Pleasing Entrees for Every Palate

Singing Pandas is a family business with Chen’s brother, Chef Benny, preparing family recipes with a personalized touch. The menu items were tested with diners before opening to ensure the flavors, colors and presentations were just right. Each dish is prepared using precise measurements so you can expect the taste to be the same each time your order it. The large portions and affordable prices make it easy for diners to order their favorite entrees as well as try something new.

The Walnut Prawns has a delicious white sauce, with large prawns and honey-glazed walnuts that make each mouthful as enjoyable as the first. Lightly battered Orange Chicken has just the right flavor of the house’s secret orange-glazed sauce and moist nuggets of chicken. The Mongolian beef is made with tender Angus beef and has a smoky barbecue flavor with a slight sweetness, making it a winning combination. Other favorites are the Salt and Pepper Pork Chops, Kung Pao Chicken, Singapore Rice Noodles and Cantonese Style Pan Fried Noodles. There’s also a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free items. The spice level of each dish is prepared to your liking and all the dishes are low in sodium and contain no MSG.

Enjoy the entertainment while sipping on one of the many colorful cocktails, such as the Blue Hawaii, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shota, Absolute Mule and Singapore Sling. There’s a wide selection of draft, international and local craft beers, plus an assortment of wines.

This dining and entertainment destination is one your family will enjoy again and again. It’s also a great place to bring your out-of-town holiday visitors, as it’s truly an experience they have never had before.

Singing Pandas is located at 757 E. Chandler Blvd. Reservations for the entertainment shows are highly recommended. Call 480.777.5050 or visit their Facebook page.