Glamp it Up 9

Schnepf Farms’ New Glamping Site Brings a Coziness That’s Just Peachy

The newest peach on Schnepf Farms isn’t something you can bite into.

The Cozy Peach—a quiet area nestled among pine trees that boasts views of the San Tan Mountains—is the new glamping site on the popular family-run agritourism hot spot known for its U-Pick peaches and seasonal festivals.

The farm has offered a camping option for visitors with RVs, but this enclave is even separated from that spot, granting overnighters a tranquil escape amidst nature that comes with the creature comforts of city life. It’s an idyllic and fitting setting for the newest lodging craze to hit the travel industry, and this iconic Queen Creek gathering place.

A fusion of “glorious” or “glamorous” (depending on who you ask) and “camping,” glamping offers the positive aspects of camping without the undesirable ones, which are replaced with running water in private bathrooms and kitchens, firm bedding and climate control.

For couples or families with at least one person who craves bonding with nature but cringes at the thought of not showering for a couple of days, using questionable public restrooms or—gasp!—having to dig hole in the dirt a few times a day, glamping is a win-win scenario.

At Schnepf Farms, seven campers manufactured between the 1940s-1970s have been tricked out and spruced up to provide amenities that far exceed what traditional campers are accustomed to seeing at home base. They can accommodate two, four or six guests and come equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators and showers. A couple of them have microwaves and four have bathtubs. There are barbecue grills outside as well as custom vintage awnings, patios, porches and grass yards. One has bunk beds, making it perfect for kids. Each has its own theme.

Carrie Schnepf, who owns the farm with her husband Mark and their four children, has taken on the job of coordinating the themes and décor.

“One is shabby chic, one is rustic, one is Parisian and there’s one that’s retro,” Schnepf says excitedly on a warm August afternoon while shopping for window treatments and other touches for the Cozy Peach’s lodgings. She’s particularly excited about the purple wall that’s going up in the retro camper from the ‘60s. “I’m having fun re-doing them.”

It promises to be a fun feature for Schnepf Farms, which draws more than a quarter of a million visitors each year and was designated in 2006 as an Arizona Treasure by former Gov. Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Office of Tourism.

It also aims to be a sound business move with timing on their side.

According to the Family Break Finder, a website specializing in economical deals for family vacations, one-third of holiday survey respondents specifically said they wanted to try glamping, which is considered to be a lower-cost holiday option than traditional hotels.

The trend, which originated in Europe and made its way over the pond, has picked up in recent years. The resource was created specifically to serve this demand. And “glamping” wasn’t a word until 2006, but today several million searches are done each year on this word, according to the website.

Considered the first hotel in Queen Creek, The Cozy Peach’s guests can order room service from the café, hit the Queen Creek Olive Mill across the street and decompress after festivals. Schnepf envisions the spot as being a place for folks to lay their heads when attending any Southeast Valley event.

It also allows those who have trepidations about camping to dip their toes into the idea without having to fully dive in.

“If you’ve wanted to camp but you’re not so adventurous, this is the way to do it,” Schnepf says.

Rates are $110-$165 per night, depending on the time of year. No pets. Book a camper at