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Solis Mammography Offers High-Quality, Compassionate Care

For some women, getting a mammogram isn’t something they want to do, but it’s an important appointment that should not go ignored.

Solis Mammography is changing the way mammograms are perceived and performed by providing a comfort-driven, patient-centric environment that helps put patients at ease while offering advanced, top-of-the-line breast-imaging technology and expert interpretations.

“We specialize exclusively on breast health,” Lana Yoder Dale, regional director of operations for Arizona, says. “All of our radiologists are board-certified in diagnostic radiology and completed additional education and training in breast imaging.”

As a breast cancer survivor, Yoder Dale is passionate about providing early detection for women.

“I’m a huge advocate for women’s health, particularly breast health,” she says, mentioning that Solis offers advanced 3-D imaging, also called tomosynthesis. “We offer the latest and greatest imaging technology that increases the early detection rate by 54 percent and decreases the recall rate—the amount of times a woman has to be called back for further testing—by 37 percent. It really can save lives.”

As the largest private breast-imaging practice in the country, Solis provides a “Peace of Mind Mammogram.” That means they work diligently to take the stress and anxiety of out the mammogram experience and provide patients with a high-level of personalized care and compassion.

“One of the things that I like best about my job is that I get the added value of seeing the patients,” Dr. Connie Jones, a radiologist at Solis, says. “To me, it’s personally fulfilling when I’m able to talk with a patient and make sure that her concerns are being addressed. Also, working in conjunction with the woman’s doctor improves the likelihood that she’s receiving well-rounded care.”

Jones, who recently wrote a book for the general public on the mammogram process called the “Breast Test Book,” has been a radiologist for 20 years. After her radiology residency, she trained for an additional year learning all of the specifics of breast imaging. She says the two biggest risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman (gender) and getting older (age).

“All women have the same baseline risk, and a mammogram is clearly the best tool we have in terms of finding breast cancer and decreasing mortality,” Jones says. She advises women start getting mammograms annually at age 40. (Most mammograms are covered by insurance.)

“Some women may experience mild discomfort, but I tell them to see this as a beneficial exam, that if there was something there, we would find it early—and that helps to reduce their anxiety about the procedure,” she says. “Most patients leave feeling relieved that it wasn’t as bad as they thought.”

Along with the spa-like atmosphere of each center, Solis’ warm and caring staff help make the entire procedure as comfortable as possible.

“When a patient comes in we want them to feel like a part of our family,” Yoder Dale says. “We treat them like our mother, our sister, our daughter.”

Solis currently has four locations in the Phoenix metro area: Chandler, Glendale, Central Phoenix and Paradise Valley. To learn more or schedule an appointment online, visit SolisMammo.com.