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Chandler’s Newest Cigar Bar is for Both Ladies and Gents

Chandler has a new place to unwind called Puro, a cigar bar offering premium cigars, craft beers and spirits. The place has a light, airy feel with its open floor plan and wall of retractable windows. Their high tables make it easier for guests to mingle and adds to the open atmosphere. Guests can also relax outside and enjoy the stars above from Puro’s 2,000-square-foot rooftop patio.

“It’s a fresh, comfortable environment and a place you can kick back and relax,” says owner Pat Stratman.

While it doesn’t feel like a sports bar, they do have 18 flat-screen televisions. Stratman also installed a hospital grade ventilation system to purify the air while constantly bringing in fresh air from outdoors.

“We have the best selection of Scotch and bourbon whiskey in town and the best cigars, too. But everything boils down to staffing. If the staff is having fun, the customers are having fun. That stuff is contagious,” Stratman says.

Kyle Munson, Puro’s general manager, and Morgan Medlen, the operations director, run the show. Medlen’s nickname is Mama Mo because she’s the mom of the Puro family. She keeps them organized while Munson is responsible for the quality liquor, cigars and marketing.

“I belong in this industry. I love to host a good party and that is essentially what I get to do every day,” Medlen says.

Cigar bars are no longer synonymous with men’s clubs. Women enjoy them as well.

“I, for sure, see more and more women enjoying cigars. Women come in with their husbands and enjoy a smoke; they come in by themselves and enjoy. Some of the best cigar reps I know are women. It’s amazing,” says Medlen. “Cigars are like wine; they have different notes and flavors and essences. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy, so even a woman who doesn’t smoke everyday can find something she will like.”

Medlen’s favorite cigar is dependent on her mood, but she usually reaches for a Java Red from Rocky Patel. It has a coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and traces of cherries.

“In a male dominant hobby and environment, we offer a women’s-only restroom. It’s clad in floral wallpaper and has pretty mirrors with a sink so the ladies can freshen up without using the unisex sinks. I know it’s funny, but I’m proud of that,” Medlen says.

Puro also offers a private membership lounge for cigar aficionados. The private room has oversized chairs, bar seating and climate-controlled humidified lockers. Members receive a 15 percent discount on their tabs.

“The Puro familia are here to provide a fun, stress-free atmosphere where everyone is treated with a smile and maybe a few good jokes,” says Munson. “I like to keep it loose and fun with everyone who comes through the door and encourage my staff to do the same.”

Stratman’s current favorite cigar is the Liga Privada No. 9. Munson’s top picks in the humidor right now are the Curivari Café Noir or the Eiroa Maduro. If you’re unfamiliar with cigars or don’t yet have a favorite to call your own, never fear. They welcome novice cigar smokers.

“Come in for a smoke and I guarantee you will leave with new friends you will want to come back and enjoy another stick with,” says Munson.

Learn more at PuroCigarBar.com.