Kibbles and Nibbles 6

Healthy Handmade Dog Treats Delivered to Your Door

It was time for Lisa LeComte to make a change from her stressful career in healthcare management to something that made her happy. One day, she turned to her fur buddy, Isis, and asked for advice. Isis said, “Arf!” Translation: “You like baking, you’re creative and you love me. Start a dog cookie company. You can keep me supplied and make other dogs happy, too.”

Kidding aside, LeComte was an empty nester who was ready for a change. Earlier this year, she opened Snacky Dogs, an online Chandler-based business. She creates handmade, healthy and flavorful dog treats baked with human grade, dog-safe ingredients. She mails her snacks to dog lovers all over the world.

“My dog is the love of my life so it was a natural answer to make dog snacks,” says LeComte. “I volunteer with Arizona Border Collie Rescue and Isis was my foster that stayed. She’s smart and weird, ball-obsessed and crazy. And we’re crazy about her.”

Before opening Snacky Dogs, LeComte did research on the legalities, stalked the competition and came up with a business plan. She then spent the next month deciding on a name. She worked on recipes, made a website and started making snacks.

“I liked buying specialty treats for my dog, but I didn’t like going shopping for them. I also worried about freshness and the quality of the ingredients. How long has that pretty cookie been sitting there? I try to avoid processed food, which is loaded with preservatives,” says LeComte.

Her business offers a monthly subscription, but there are some separate limited-edition snacks available on her website. She also accepts special orders; for example, she’s made sheep cookies for a herding clinic.

“I’m passionate about customer service. My customer’s happiness with my product and service is important to me,” she says.

The subscription box has a different theme every month. In July, LeComte went with a picnic theme so the pack contained big tennis ball cookies, tiny watermelon cookies, ice pop mixes and barbecue pork chop cookies.

“It allows me to be creative. I’m not a factory churning out the same treats day after day,” says LeComte. “It’s such a great deal for the customer and a lot of fun for me, too.”

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