Be a Responsible Pet Parent

Four Ways to Protect Your Pet, Yourself and Others

The city of Chandler strives to ensure that pets, their owners and neighbors live together in safety and harmony. To achieve this, we advocate for responsible pet ownership and encourage pet owners to adhere to four principles of responsible pet ownership. Whether you’re acquiring a new puppy or kitten for your household or have been a pet parent for years, the following tips will help protect your pet, yourself and others.

#1 Buy responsibly

That doggie in the window may be darling, but he might not be the right fit for your lifestyle or family. Fully inform yourself before you purchase a pet. Regardless of whether they’re indoor, outdoor, furry, feathered or finned—all pets have their own needs, some of which are specific to the breed. If there is a breed that interests you, read up on it (try the American Kennel Club at, the American Cat Fanciers Association at, or the American Birding Association, at, talk to owners and get to know someone else’s pet.

#2 Train

Behavior problems are the No. 1 reason that dogs and cats end up in shelters. Whether you have your pet professionally trained or you buy a book and do it yourself, training and socializing your pet greatly reduce their chances of ending up homeless. Chandler Parks & Recreation offers a variety of obedience classes to keep your four-legged pal healthy and well behaved. Pets thrive with a sense of order and you can help your pet stick with good behaviors by instilling rules.

#3 License and ID

Keep proper identification on your pets at all times, even if they’re inside all day or go out periodically. If your pet escapes, the greatest chance they have of getting home safely to you is if they’re wearing a proper collar with current information on their ID tags.

#4 Exercise and socialize

Pets have pent-up energy that needs to be unleashed through physical activity. Otherwise it will be channeled into barking, jumping or even hostile behavior. Chandler’s four dog parks offer a number of exciting ways for you and Fido to exercise and socialize. In addition, it’s important that you introduce your pets to adults, kids, animals and environments so they’ll take every novelty in stride.