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Bite Magazine’s two subscription box services offer a packaged-up version of Arizona’s best products

When Michelle Jacoby and Mark Lipczynski first started Bite Magazine, they were looking for a creative outlet through which they could share their mutual love of food as well as all of Arizona’s wonderful locally made products. Three years later, the flourishing online publication showcases the best of Arizona’s culinary scene with a focus on storytelling and getting to the heart and soul of the local community.

“In addition to Arizona’s food and drink scene, there’s also its makers. We have a really vibrant craftsman community, and a lot of the restaurants here use these products. So, we thought what better way to showcase what’s coming out of Arizona than to really focus on its makers,” says Michelle Jacoby, editor-in-chief/publisher of Bite Magazine.

However, the magazine didn’t stop there. In addition to editorial, the publication also offers two subscription box services, Bite Box and The Kitchen Kit, bringing the best of fresh, local flavor right to readers’ doorsteps.

The Bite Box Program

In the spirit of bringing to light all of Arizona’s great local products and makers, Bite Magazine launched its Bite Box program a little over a year ago. This creative tribute to our thriving culinary scene features a customized collection each quarter of eight to 10 goods handpicked by a Valley chef.

However, Bite Box isn’t just limited to food-related items. Chefs have free reign to pick out any locally made products they love—from candles and coasters to T-shirts, tote bags and more.

“That’s the beauty of Bite Box, you get to see all of the amazing and creative things coming out of Arizona, and there’s some pretty awesome stuff that people in our community are making,” says Jacoby.

The summer edition of Bite Box featured selections from Chef Stephen Jones of The Larder + The Delta and Desoto Central Market. The upcoming fall edition will feature Country Velador, lauded pastry chef and owner of Super Chunk Sweets & Treats in Scottsdale, and her selections, like Peixoto Coffee and Zak’s Chocolate.

“We use their products in our own restaurant, therefore, I would love to promote what they are doing as much as possible. I believe their products are above and beyond stellar,” says Veldaor.

The Kitchen Kit

With the success of the Bite Box program, Jacoby decided it was time to branch out a bit further and create a more recipe-driven subscription box. So, she turned to her good friend, local food blogger and home cook extraordinaire, Joanie Simon, and together they launched the first edition of The Kitchen Kit a few months ago.

“With me being a recipe developer, we thought it would be a really creative way to incorporate some great Arizona-made products, while at the same time being able to show people what to do with them,” says Simon.

The Kitchen Kit recipe box features three to four Arizona-made products that are key ingredients to an original recipe developed by Simon, along with a recipe card and a link to an online video tutorial.

For the first Kitchen Kit, Simon curated a recipe for Rustic Polenta Pizza, incorporating Hayden Flour Mills polenta, Go Lb. Salt Sel Gris de Guerande sea salt and AZ Bitters Lab’s Más Mole bitters.

“I think that so much of good food is really about using good ingredients, so I started with the ingredients first, knowing that I wanted to use those three products, and kind-of just went from there,” says Simon.

For her next recipe, Simon is creating a sweet ode to summertime with her original Coffee Blueberry Cobbler, using Hayden Flour Mills pastry flour, coffee from Press Coffee and Go Lb. blueberry sugar.

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