Irish Banana Hammock

A Twist on a Classic Cocktail

A lot has changed in Chandler since it was founded in 1912. The buildings have improved and the dirt roads have been replaced. You probably won’t see many Model T-Fords buzzing around town and Arizona Avenue no longer ends at the town plaza. But one thing remains the same: You can still take dad out to downtown Chandler for a Father’s Day drink—and The Ostrich is the perfect place to enjoy a beverage and pay homage to the town’s rich history.

Located directly below Crust Chandler, The Ostrich is housed in the newly renovated basement tunnels that run to the Crown Plaza San Marcos golf course clubhouse and the old railroad station. After World War I, the space was used as an ostrich feather storage facility, but now it’s decked with historical furniture and exudes ambiance.

Once a watering hole for the nation’s traveling, The Ostrich is known for honoring its past by mixing up twists on classic drinks. And with renowned Phoenix beverage director Brandon Casey and his tongue-in-cheek humor at the helm, the Irish Banana Hammock fits right into The Ostrich’s approach. With the timeless combination of whiskey and sherry updated with banana liqueur and mole bitters, you’re sure to remember this drink long after the final sip.

Irish Banana Hammock

2 oz Green Spot Irish Whiskey

1/2 oz Amontillado Sherry

1/2 oz Montenegro Amaro

1/2 oz Giffard Banane Du Bresil Liqueur

2 dashes of AZ Bitter Labs Más Mole Bitters

Stir and strain into ice-filled glass. Garnished with a lemon twist and a banana chip.