5 Summer Vacation Styles Seen at Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 13

Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

It’s felt like summer here in the Valley for awhile, so hopefully you’re gearing up to head for cooler climates. That means: Shopping, list-making and more shopping! Vacation is a great time to try out new styles and trends as you embark on exciting adventures to new places. So grab a cold sangria, relax and get ready to “unpack” these five summer looks headed for your suitcase! Happy travels!


When I mention yellow to people, they usually cringe and say, “Oh, I don’t look good in yellow.” Yellow can be a scary color to wear, but this bright summer color is a must! There are so many shades of yellow—from bright lemon to muted mustard—and so many ways to wear it. If you’re new to this color, start with a pop of your favorite yellow in your accessories. Some yellow jewelry or a yellow handbag is a fabulous way to start rocking this trend. Work your way up to a yellow top or shorts. You can treat yellow as a neutral color, pairing it with blues, reds or whites. Get adventurous! This beautiful color symbolizes happiness, energy and vitality. Try wearing it when you need a boost.

Shoulder Show-Off

Try this trend with more structured bottoms for a balanced look, or keep things boho and flowy by pairing them with palazzo pants. This extra touch of feminine chic is sure to keep you feeling light and airy wherever your travels take you. Throw on a chunky, eye-catching necklace and show off those sun-kissed shoulders with cut-out or off-the-shoulder tops.

Mixed Prints

Mixing prints can be a tricky trend to pull off but trust me, anyone can do it! If you’re unsure, start simple by mixing stripes and floral. Then graduate to adding animal prints with shoes or a handbag. For summer, you’ll want to keep your layers light, so try throwing on a floral kimono over your outfit for starters.

Floral Embroidery

This beautiful trend is everywhere lately and I can’t get enough! There are so many ways to wear floral embroidery items, and there’s a style for everyone. If this feminine trend seems a bit too outdated for you, start small with a simple cluster of flowers on a shirt, dress or pair of denim jeans. Most retailers have this style available in some form, so stop by your favorite shop and try it out!


Soft, flowing, floral dresses are taking the runways by storm this summer. This ultra-feminine look has us all swooning! Pair your sundress with wedge sandals or mules, and as you’re traipsing through the streets of Chandler or sailing down the Riviera, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

Ashley Krupnik is a fashion and image consultant. Be Unique. Be Confident. Be You. Metro Image Consulting can help you get there. MetroImageConsulting.com