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The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived in the East Valley. The temperatures are rising, the wildflowers are blooming and, with Spring Training behind us, the MLB games are underway.

Spring is also traditionally a time to deep clean your home from top to bottom, donating or tossing items you don’t use anymore and organizing everything that’s left.

As Rachel Winter, Founder and Owner of Happy Home Organizers, LLC notes, decluttering your home has a number of benefits that extend well beyond merely eliminating that unsightly pile of magazines on the coffee table. From feeling calmer to sleeping better, decluttering and organizing has a tangible impact on our emotional and physical health—starting with the air that we breathe.

“When you declutter, you are finally able to give your home the deep, thorough cleaning it desperately needs,” says Winter, who serves clients in Chandler and the surrounding areas.

“You can now dust, vacuum and really get in those corners and wipe them down. This will improve the overall air quality in your home and be much healthier for your upper respiratory system.”

In addition to improving the air quality in a home, having less “stuff” lying around will also allow people to breathe easier because they feel less stressed.

“Seeing clear, empty space just instantly calms you down and makes you feel better,” says Winter. “You will feel less stressed, have more focus and clarity, and you will sleep better.”

For people who have “TMS,” or “Too Much Stuff” syndrome, Winter says they should take an honest look at the multitude of their possessions.

“There’s a famous saying, ‘The more things you own, the more they own you.’ This is very true. The more stuff you have, makes it extremely difficult to keep track of,” says Winter.

If it is challenging to find what you need, when you need it—or when you are reluctant to have friends and family over because of a messy house—those are key signs that it is time to step back and formulate a plan to conquer clutter.

“Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed and just totally depressed,” says Winter.

Organizing your home can also help restore a sense of order in your life. Once people get rid of the items they don’t use, they can take time and create an organized system for what is left. Paring down your possessions is also a good way to say farewell to the past.

“Holding onto items that no longer serve you, or keep you stuck in the past, is not healthy,” she says. “By creating space and making your home cleaner, you also are going to make yourself much happier.”

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Three Easy Steps for a More Organized Home

Step 1:

Sort. Organize and sort your items into categories. Take everything out of the area you are working in, whether it’s a junk drawer in the kitchen, linen closet or the garage. Now, think “like with like” and place similar items together. Have fun making the categories, too!

Step 2:

Purge. The only way to create space is to purge. Even though it can be hard, let go of items you no longer need, want or wear. Ask yourself, “Do you wear it?  Do you use it?  Do you really need it? Do you love it?” If the answer is no and the item is still good, donate it. Be tough—love it or lose it!

Step 3:

Find a home for every item. Once you’ve decided you are keeping something, you then must decide where that item is going to live. Benjamin Franklin coined the mantra of Professional Organizers, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”