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Get Your Pool Ready for Summer with Shasta Pools

It is no secret that Valley residents love their pools. And with the spring and summer heat officially knocking at the door again, the time has finally arrived for homeowners to make sure they have all their pool needs met before cooling off and enjoying the refreshing water.

No one has helped to define the swimming pool scene in Arizona quite like Shasta Pools, who, for the last fifty years, has built more than 83,000 pools and remodeled another 33,000, making them the ideal place to call before things get too hot.

“That’s more than all the rest of our competition has built, combined. And all in the Phoenix area,” says Darin Barney, Director of Marketing for Shasta Pools.

After building 26 swimming pools that first year, founder Bob Ast brought his brother Skip aboard for the next year, and sales jumped to 235 pools. Sales more than doubled again in year three, which was when Shasta officially became the state’s largest swimming pool builder, a title they have held on to ever since.

Today, Skip is still in charge, and Shasta’s impressive client list includes The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation, Arizona State University, Talking Stick Resort and Casino, and Hyatt Regency. They have also expanded to include a division dedicated to pool service and repair. Yet, despite all the company’s success and growth, they have held onto their family-owned roots, including a personal touch that has remained the company’s passion.

“We are a bunch of families serving families,” adds Barney. “We survey every customer, and if someone is not overwhelmingly satisfied with their pool, we go back out and we make it right. Everything about that customer service piece rings true throughout the organization.”

Shasta Pools believes that a core part of customer service is to position themselves at the forefront of excellence within the industry. They have received over 500 design awards as custom pool builders, and all their pools are powered by state-of-the-art equipment that has been recognized for its innovation in regards to energy efficiency.

Also a member of the invitation-only Master Pool Guild, Shasta Pools is part of a global network dedicated to pushing their industry forward through superior design, professionalism, quality and collaboration. The resulting swimming pools are among the very best in the world, and the Shasta Pools standard.

For more information, please visit ShastaPools.com.