Memories of Home

Although I’ve lived on the West Coast for almost 15 years now, I always look back at my childhood home in a small little Connecticut town with a sense of nostalgia. Maybe it’s because I spent my carefree years of youth there, or maybe it’s because I lived there the longest of any place so far. Either way, I will always consider that cheerful white house with its bright red door and shutters and large oak tree in the front yard my true home.

This year, that sense of nostalgia came on full-force when I visited my father over the holidays and we decided to watch old home movies. As soon as that house flashed up on the screen, a flood of memories came washing over me. It seemed as if I could feel the flickering flames of the grand fireplace cast their hot glow on my face as I snuggled up on the couch; and could smell the aroma of pumpkin spice wafting through the kitchen as I helped my mom bake pie while the fall leaves fell outside. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought of all the memories that house held, and couldn’t help feel a little ache of longing once the videos were over.

As I sat on the couch, deep in thought, my dad called me in to help him prepare Christmas dinner. We then spent the rest of the evening laughing and talking while making tons of Italian food and enjoying every last bite until our hearts, and stomachs, were content before sitting down to a Christmas movie marathon. A few weeks later, I was thinking about the time I spent with my father over Christmas, and much to my surprise, felt that same sense of nostalgia as I did when thinking about my childhood home. I then realized it’s not the place the makes the memories, but the people you are with and the cherished moments you spend with them; and that’s a lesson I will take with me no matter where I go.

In the “Home Issue” of Chandler Lifestyle we take a look at some of the wonderful people and businesses dedicated to creating homes and spaces where these memories can be made, such as Dena Thomas Designs, Starwood Custom Homes, Pioneer and Walsh Woodworking. Thank you for enriching our communities in such beautiful ways!

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COVER: A Sophisticated Entryway Designed by Dena Thomas of Dena Thomas Designs

PHOTOGRPAHY: Bridgette Marie Photography