Laid Back Luxury 6

Dena Thomas Creates Chic Interiors for Comfortable, Elegant Living


Classy, Modern, Clean

To capture a modern yet sleek formal dining space, touches of classic elements were introduced, starting with a solid maple wood floor. A black solid wood table and grey cloth high-back chairs with nail-heads make for a stunning fixture at the center of the room. Agreeable grey walls soften the space, and surround chair rail moldings and framings give it a clean, crisp look. A collage of botanical prints creates a dynamic focal point for the room, while an accent rug patterned in blues and grays completes the overall feel.


Welcoming, Elegant, Classic

The mango wood serving table used for the entryway can also act as a console table. Incorporating greens from the topiary balls into the mercury glass pieces creates a look of sophistication and adds a pop of color. Rounding out the space are arched window pane mirrors that give the room an open, bright feel.


Luxurious, Blissful, Relaxing

Experience a spa-like retreat with the master bath’s soft lighting sconces, glass chandelier and quartz counter tops. The whole ambience of the room is completed with clean, simple white walls and accents of light grey and taupe colors.


Comfortable, Peaceful, Classy

This room was incorporated into the home as a quiet, comfortable sitting area featuring four high-back, two-tone chairs trimmed with nail-heads. Custom drapes were added to frame the window and soften the wall. The table, made of wood and glass, is finished with brass legs to give it a timeless, elegant appeal. To complement the table is a simple succulent plant nestled on a brass plate. All these elements come together to create the perfect setting to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine.


Beautiful, Versatile Plants

Succulents, with their striking forms, unusual colors and easy-to-care-for reputation, are becoming an increasingly important design element.


Modern, Artistic, Striking

The walls were custom painted in a brilliant damask pattern to add a touch of sophistication, while a unique-shaped black and gold mirror makes for a dramatic contrast. Elegant crystal lighting and an oversized modern art piece accentuate the space well as a final touch.

A Note from Designer Dena Thomas

My mission and my brand in interior design is the ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life.  For over 22 years, I have been able to create inspiring designs that personalize my clients’ desires. The result enables each style to emerge into a design that captivates and fulfills their individual needs. My detail-oriented, client- focused approach makes me flexible and fun to work with, too. As an interior designer, my primary focus is serving the customer. I have worked on many projects of all sizes and styles, and my clients often tell me that I am like a trusted adviser and close friend. My reputation is built upon referrals, which speaks volumes to the importance of having customer satisfaction. I have been blessed to work with such amazing clients and have acquired many vendor relationships that assist me from re-model to interior design. Interior Design is not just a career, it’s my passion.

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