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Blaine Long Fulfills His Dream as a Singer and Songwriter

FOR as long as Blaine Long can remember, he has loved to sing.

“As a little kid, in first grade or so, I remember sitting in my room making up songs and singing to myself, and thinking I was actually ‘doing it,’ as in what famous people do when they sing their songs,” says Long.

Around seven years ago, Long was able to take his love of singing and turn it into a full time career. The Chandler resident now makes his living singing and playing the guitar at venues across the Valley, including the Living Room in downtown Ocotillo.

“I play weekly at Bar Bianco at Pizzeria Bianco in Downtown Phoenix, Isabel’s Amor in Gilbert, and at Lon’s at the Hermosa in Scottsdale. I also play in Surprise at The Irish Wolfhound Pub and Restaurant,” says Long.

Fans of NBC’s “The Voice” are probably already familiar with Long and his impressive voice. He appeared on Season 11 of the show and made it onto Team Blake.

“I sang ‘Have a Little Faith in Me’ by John Hiatt for my blind audition, and Miley, Blake and Adam all turned their chairs. Alicia’s team was already full, but she said that she would have turned her chair for me,” says Long.

While Long didn’t advance past the Battle Rounds on “The Voice,” he says overall the experience was a good one and that he is grateful to the show and for the huge amount of support he received along the way.

“The support in Arizona has been amazing, and I look forward to continuing to play out and connect with my local community,” he says.

For Long, being a musician is more than just singing; it’s about writing songs that he hopes resonate with listeners.

“It’s about telling stories, connecting with people; and it’s about playing my guitar,” he says.

“Without any one of these, I’m bored and not interested. My passion is for the whole deal. I love my job, which is to write songs about my experiences and share them with people. I’m a lucky guy.”

Looking ahead to the future, Long is anticipating the release of his newest record, titled “Scorpio,” which should be released by March, 2017.

“I will also keep playing shows locally, travel when I can, and try to be a better father, husband and songwriter,” he says.

As for people who find joy in singing and creating music for others but are unsure if they can be successful, Long offers this advice, “do it,” just as he thought back in the first grade.

“Go do it. On a street corner, open mic, Karaoke, YouTube or house concert, and hope that you’re great at it,” he says, adding that it’s okay to have a few bumps in the road along the way.

“But understand that you’ll be bad until you’ve done it enough that you figure ‘it’ out. It’s always about development and failure, and getting to know who you are as a person so you can communicate honestly to others.”

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