THE Memory MAKER 1

Gloria Newman Creates Lasting Impressions with Her One-of-a-Kind Casts

Making beautiful and memorable keepsakes for expecting women, newborns and families is the most rewarding job a person could ever ask for; it is truly a gift from God! When I first started, I knew nothing about sculpting, but there was a voice telling me that I was supposed to be doing something greater during my 20-year career at the Hewlett-Packard Company. During my career, I became a certified massage therapist, something I had always wanted to do, and I set aside time on weekends and evenings to perform therapeutic and pregnancy massages. One day, while massaging one of my pregnant friends, I said, “if only I could make a sculpture of your pregnant body,” and she said, “do it!”

After that day, my life changed forever. Little did I know that everything I needed to attain this gift was already lined up for me, and within a month I entered into the wonderful world of sculpting!  I am self-taught but am always seeking knowledge and learning as much as I can to create beautiful and unique sculptures. And it’s really true—pregnant women do glow, as it’s such a precious time in their lives!

I cast pregnant women in their third trimester and appointments usually take 45 minutes. Clients are cast with their undergarments on and adult family members or friends are always welcome to participate and take photos. My specialty is “preserving” belly casts to last for generations, so they are coated on both the front and back sides with my own products to give the molds a sturdy and beautiful finish. After the cast is removed from my client, it will dry for 24 hours before the trimming and preservation process begins, which takes two to three weeks to complete. Each piece is painted and decorated to complement my client’s nursery décor, and I always encourage them to bring fabric and paint swatches and incorporate their own ideas if they want. I offer several pose options to choose from: front torso, side profile or just the belly, and have several price packages that will accommodate everyone’s budget.

Newborns are best cast at one to two weeks of age. I can life-cast their hands and feet at this time, which is done with alginate and shows all the details of the human body (best if they are sleeping or nursing), or do foot and hand impressions that are quick and easy at any age. I can also cast their little bums at two weeks of age.

Adult castings include family hand wreaths, couple’s hand castings, breast cancer sculptures for women wanting to remember their God given breasts prior to their mastectomy, adult body parts, lips, and pet paw or hoof castings.

After 20 years of casting, I am so grateful for all the wonderful families I have met on this journey!  If you or your family would like a memorable keepsake, please keep me in mind, house calls are available and gift certificates as well.