Made With Love

I’ve always loved to read, and as far back as I can remember, my mother had always read to me at night before going to bed. As I got older, I continued this tradition, staying up to the first break of daylight on weekends devouring book after book. After finishing up a good novel, my thoughts would spin everywhere and I often found myself starting my own stories in my head based on what I had read—an intro or a new ending or plot twist.

However, I never thought to put those thoughts on paper until I took my first creative writing class in high school. That’s when the magic happened. I can still recall the feeling of pure bliss and excitement I had after finishing my first short story—a mystery/ romance piece. There was just something so beautiful about the way the words flowed together on paper and how I could manipulate them to change the whole feel of the story if I wanted to. It was a moment that ignited a spark of passion in me that has yet to fade. Every time I write something, whether it be a magazine article or story, I am still in awe of how truly fulfilling creating something all my own is.

It is that passion for creation that I was fortunate enough to experience throughout the month meeting some of the talented artists, sculptors, designers and jewelry makers featured in our magazine. Every time I would sit down and chat with one of them and learn about how they came to their craft, I could see that same spark of passion I felt when I discovered writing light up in their eyes as well. It was as if we shared a secret kinship in our collective passions.

Not only that, but I was able to view first-hand many of the wonderful, expertly-crafted works these artists have devoted their lives to making, and the experience was truly enlightening. So, in our “Local Artistry” issue I want to shine the spotlight on some of our talented residents and their works, like artist Andre Kohn, jewelry maker Vesna Taneva-Miller and signer/songwriter Blaine Long. Also be sure to check out our special Valentine’s Day Guide for the best ways to spend a romantic day in Chandler!

Until Next Time,