Global Artist, Local Presence 8

Andre Kohn wears many hats: artist, interior designer, fine art collector and gallery owner.

Originally from Russia, his youth was spent surrounded by art. At age 15, he formally began his art education as an apprentice to some of Moscow’s most well-known artists. Kohn then pursued a classical fine arts education at the University of Moscow, where he worked hands-on with what he describes as the “last great generation of Russian Impressionists.” At age 20 though, he unexpectedly made the move to America, and it was a life changing experience for the young artist.

“The transition [to the U.S.] was very difficult… I felt like a child thrown into a jungle at first; my parents did not know anything about the country or its culture and customs. I had to learn everything on my own from the very beginning. The cultural shock was immense in my situation, not to mention the language barrier, since I spoke almost no English coming to the country,” says Kohn. “It took many years before I was able to fully understand people here. [I also had to] learn the basics of the art industry and sometime subtleties of the business.”

Determined to continue his work, Kohn enrolled in school thanks to a scholarship specifically designed to help him continue his arts education. He earned his B.F.A., then continued his education in France and Scottsdale.

“Continuing to educate myself was one of the reasons the profession of an artist attracted me in the first place,” says Kohn. “No matter how old you are in this industry, you always learn something new and keep growing.”

As his career progressed, Kohn became known for his work in Figurative Impressionism.

“Figurative Impressionism is a style based on following the classical French Impressionism. In my case, I focused only on interpreting the human figure in its infinite movements and gestures,” he explains. “It’s a very complex task to take on—and I love a good challenge.”

As his popularity in the States and abroad grew, Kohn says opening his own gallery was part of a natural progression he saw for his career. A Valley resident, he chose Scottsdale for the location of Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery.

“I am proud to say that I was the designer of my gallery, and would add that it is a boutique-style gallery,” he says. “We represent only a very few artists as opposed to many other galleries that represent dozens of different artists. We represent the artists I strongly believe in, and almost all of them I have a privilege to have in my modest private collection.”

In addition to his gallery, Kohn is proud to have published his own coffee table hard cover book, titled “The Endless World of a Moment,” and to have participated in the first Modern Master Impressionists Show in London in 2013.

“My number one piece of advice for aspiring artists is to find their own language of interpretation… To be called a true artist is a privilege,” says Kohn. “… My goal is not to change the world with my work or influence someone’s mind, rather I have a lot of fun painting; it is done with true passion and I appreciate immensely when someone loves what I do and even purchases my work supporting the art industry and the art world.”

“The Sky is Not the Limit”

Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery is currently showcasing many artists, including its latest solo show for artist Ksenya Verse. “She is one of the most prominent and prolific artists emerging on the American art scene today,” according to gallery staff. “Her style is a whimsical combination of reality and imagination with dramatic and colorful skies making up the backdrop. Creativity is a defining and important aspect of her work.” See Verse’s work at Andre Kohn Fine Art Gallery during normal business hours.

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