Here's To Health!

With the New Year now upon us, it seems like we have instantly gone from the carefree indulgences of the December holidays to the urgency of having to set resolutions, most of which center on leading a healthier lifestyle. But what really defines health? When prompted with the phrase “Health Is…” one could indeed come up with a vast array of answers to fit the bill. Health is eating your veggies with dinner, drinking more water, cutting down on alcohol, exercising regularly, seeing the doctor for a check-up, and the list goes on. With everything out there about how to live a healthier lifestyle, it almost seems impossible to get to an ideal state of health.

Tired of trying to fit the mold of what was considered the standard definition of health, I decided to explore what being healthy really means to me, which took me back on a journey to my high school days running cross country and track. I know it sounds cliché, but I really was in the best shape of my life during that time, both mentally and physically. There was just something so calming and serene about getting out there in nature (if you can consider the desert nature) with just the sound of dirt crunching under my feet and my heartbeat pounding in my ears—time seemed to stand still and the whole world became a blur as I got lost in my thoughts. The feeling after was even better, when I would be so exhausted that my legs felt like lead and sweat streaming down from my forehead dripped into my eyes. Yet, I also felt a great sense of accomplishment; that I had pushed my body and that I knew I could do it again tomorrow. For me, that feeling is the ultimate definition of health.

However, as we are not all the same, I invite you to find your own definition of health this month, with a little guidance from some of the stories featured in this issue, such as wellness guides and step-by-step yoga poses from Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa, advice from the experts at Cielo Aesthetics & Wellness and a serene Sedona spa.