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A pair of local husband-and-wife owned businesses are helping people to relax and unwind

After the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season, most people are ready to start the New Year by kicking back a bit and relaxing. Thanks to two Chandler businesses, local residents can now find great ways to unwind and pamper themselves—not just this month, but all year long.

True REST Chandler Float Spa

Jill Willhoite and her husband, John, opened True REST Chandler Float Spa in May, 2016. They offer a spa-like environment where people are in their own private suite, which includes a 12-inch rain shower and their own personal float pod.

“Imagine floating in a big, egg-shaped pod filled with about 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) and 160 gallons of water, heated to skin temperature,” Jill says.

“Wearing nothing but ‘your birthday suit,’ or a bathing suit, if that’s your preference, the Epsom salts get absorbed easily into the body through the skin while you float for an hour, virtually gravity free.”

For people who are concerned about being closed in, they can place a rolled-up hand towel on the pod to partially prop the large lid open, or they may also keep the lid fully open.

“Lights and music are optional; those features can also help. There is no wrong way to float, so do what makes you comfortable,” she says, adding that the procedure can definitely help with pain and stress relief.

“The Epsom salts calm down inflammation in the body, so many people get tremendous relief from conditions such as arthritis and back pain, and it helps them to easily go into a deep brainwave state—like a deep meditation—and get better sleep. It also detoxifies the body, helps with injury recovery, and is great for dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema; and so much more.”

For additional treatments, there are two oxygen bars in the Oasis Room filled with eight different scents, for after-float continued relaxation and to help people re-energize.

To ward off the chill of winter days, Willhoite also provides herbal tea that she says consistently gets rave reviews.

True REST Chandler Float Spa is located at 2430 S. Gilbert Rd., Suite 8, Chandler. For more information, call 480.525.6211 or visit

Hand and Stone Spa

Another local business geared toward relaxation and wellness also opened in May of last year— Hand and Stone Spa of Chandler, owned by Carrie Dawson and her husband Mark.

“The purpose of our entire business is relaxation, rejuvenation and personal wellness,” Carrie says.

“Our signature service is the Hot Stone Massage, where our licensed therapists use warm riverbed stones as an extension of their hands to provide warmth and just the right amount of pressure and movement to the muscles during the massage, allowing for deeper impact and relaxation.”

The Hot Stone Massage also offers service enhancements to provide relaxation as well as recovery.

“If you have headaches, TMJ, sinus congestion or migraines, we have services to add to your massage or facial to help with that,” Carrie says, adding that their Peppermint Scalp Massage “does wonders” to relieve tension headaches and exhaustion.

“Our Cold Stone Face Massage melts away the pain from migraines or TMJ. And everyone knows lavender aromatherapy promotes a deep relaxation, but did you know that eucalyptus can relieve congestion that comes with winter colds and allergies?”

To help address the impact of dry, cool winter weather, Hand and Stone Massage’s team of licensed estheticians provide customized facials.

“We offer Rejuvenating, Collagen and Detox Facials that remove dull, dead skin, infuse just the right amount of moisture and provide a beautiful glow for special occasions or for every day,” she says.

Hand and Stone Spa is located at 2925 S. Alma School Drive, Suite 6, Chandler. For more information, call 480.665.5600 or visit