Coffee Connections 2

An Inside Look at What’s Now Brewing in Chandler


Black Rock Coffee Bar

This family owned and operated coffee business had been a well-kept secret until one of the members, Jeff Hernandez, and Bobby Kaufmann, his friend since the sixth grade, decided to introduce it to Arizona. The business made its debut in 2008 in Portland, Oregon and has now grown to 36 locations in Oregon, Washington, Southern California and Idaho.

Black Rock Coffee Bar brews up some tasty coffee in a welcoming atmosphere. The coffee is sourced globally from East Africa, South America and the South Pacific, and roasted in Portland. Their specialty coffee includes three roasts. Steel Bridge, a classic roast and custom blend with full body and a bold taste. Old Town, a medium roast custom blend with a smooth taste, and Pearl, a light roast (from a single origin) with distinct flavors created from premium beans.

“Customer service is our first and foremost priority,” states Kaufmann. “Besides preparing quality drinks, the barista’s goal is to build quality relationships by knowing their customer’s name, their children’s names and what they drink. We’re a neighborhood coffee bar that embraces people in the community.”

In line with that, a recent community event was held on Opening Day with Childhelp, where they sold backpacks filled with school supplies to give to foster children. And, plans are underway to roll out the Sparrow Club program, a community service project where students from a local high school are asked to participate in adopting a child, who is either ill or has special needs, raising money to be donated toward their care.

Black Rock Coffee Bar

4050 S. Alma School Road

Chandler, AZ 85248



Press – Coffee Roasters

Steve Kraus, owner and coffee enthusiast, has mastered the art of roasting and serving up some incredible java. He and his wife, Tram Mae, opened their first store in North Phoenix, followed by Scottsdale, Sky Harbor Terminal 4, then Tempe, and now Chandler. And to ensure the continued growth and success of future development, Steve partnered with Jason Kyle in 2015.

“My main objective, from the beginning, has been to grow the coffee culture in Phoenix,” states Kraus, who has made it his mission to educate his customers and serve excellent coffee from his award-winning Roastery. “Our training, customer service and attention to detail set us apart from others.”

Premium coffee starts with premium beans, —grown in South America, Africa and the Pacific Rim—which are roasted and brewed with strict specifications. Knowing how fine to grind the beans, checking the total weight and discerning how hot to serve the milk are just a few details that go into preparing every cup of coffee served with their beautiful latte art.

Roasting coffee allows the true coffee flavor to come out. Each crop has its own distinct flavor, and small batches are roasted between 13-15 minutes. Then, the beans rest for seven days to allow them to de-gas. For the best flavor, beans should be used within 14-25 days when purchasing a bag for home consumption. Whether you’re a coffee novice or expert connoisseur, you’ll enjoy the wonderful selection of great tasting coffees, along with breakfast and lunch served daily.

Press Coffee

2577 W. Queen Creek Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85248