Thank You Chandler

When I took this magazine on seven months ago, I had underestimated what a wonderful journey I was about to embark upon!

One of the main reasons for me coming out of “retirement” was that our recent move from St. Louis to Chandler left me feeling unconnected with my own community. I missed meeting new people, learning about local businesses and discovering all the opportunities to give back locally. I was feeling totally detached and that just did not fit my personality!

Here we are now, with this issue brining some exciting new changes for our readers. You are going to see a new look and feel, thanks to the addition of Danielle Accovelli, our new editor. Another thing you may have noticed is that we no longer have that shiny, slick cover—matte finishes are the latest trend in publishing, and we love it!

Some other things you might notice while flipping through the pages are more pictures, illustrations, shorter articles (there is just too much to cover every month and we want to bring you as much as we can!), new themes and new features…new, new, new!  We are also adding eight more pages to our magazine so we can bring you even more relevant content and help all the wonderful local businesses who want to be in front of you.

Coming into the holiday season, I know I have been blessed to be a part of bringing the “good news” of Chandler into your homes every month and I feel so grateful for this opportunity.  I have met many wonderful people, made new friends, learned so many things and truly feeling engaged with our great community. Our success depends upon your involvement so please keep sharing your ideas, favorite stories and pictures with us.

Blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season!

Joyce Selk