From France, With Love 2

Cuisine & Wine Bistro Opens New
 Chandler Location

Chandler’s Cuisine & Wine Bistro is all about family. The restaurant’s story dates back to 1988 when Mairead and Fabrice Buschtetz were both working at a hotel outside of Paris. He was in the kitchen. She was at the front desk. Soon, they both decided to leave the hotel and work at a restaurant owned by Fabrice’s family. And they’ve been in the business, and together, ever since.

However, Fabrice—who has an affinity for classic cars and Harley-Davidsons—always felt like he was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. So, the family packed up and moved from France to Arizona in 2013. Soon after arriving, they bought an auto repair shop. Then they opened the first Cuisine & Wine Bistro in Gilbert in 2013, followed by the one in Chandler this past August. Both the couple and their three children work at all three businesses.

When searching for a second restaurant, Chef Fabrice knew he’d found the right spot after he saw the spacious kitchen. When he’s in his dream kitchen, Fabrice makes all the food from scratch; and is renowned for his sauces, escargot and Quiche Lorraine.

“Fabrice has 30 years’ experience; you can see and taste all of that at a reasonable price,” Mairead says.

The light-filled, romantic Chandler space comes complete with small, romantic touches like real flowers and candles. The staff is dressed in black and a stunning glass wine cellar has the words Bienvenue Chez Nous (French for Welcome to Our Home) written in chalk on the wall to remind guests that they’re coming into the family’s home.

“I want you to feel welcome,” Mairead says. “We try to give you an experience that you will remember.”

Cuisine & Wine Bistro

4991 S Alma School Road St 101

Chandler, AZ