An Underground Affair

Vinum55 offers state-of-the-art wine storing services

Connoisseurs of fine wine have traditionally had to make do with storing their favorite beverage on wine racks, or by spending a great deal of money to have a custom wine storage system installed in their home.

Thanks to Vinum55, a business that opened in Chandler in late March, wine collectors now have a safe and secure place to store their wine.

“We offer a 55-degree, state-of-the-art, underground wine cellar,” says Raini Keyser, director of operations. “We have over 150 wine lockers of varying sizes, and the ability to accommodate just under 50,000 bottles.”

From novice wine collectors who only have a relatively small collection to store, to aficionados with hundreds of bottles of wine from different vineyards, countries and years, Vinum55 offers plenty of storage options for customers at all levels.

For example, for a newer collector, Keyser recommends one of their smaller lockers, which can hold 12 cases.

“It has an attractive price point for membership, and the client would be invited to all Vinum 55 tasting events, which is a phenomenal way to learn about wine,” she says.

“For an experienced collector, our services are outstanding. Any client can have all their wine shipments sent to our facility instead of waiting for them at home or sending them to work. We sign for the wine, place it in the client’s locker and let them know it arrived.”

Also ideal for more seasoned collectors, Vinum55 offers inventory services, both for their home cellar and wine locker.

“We also can advise on when to enjoy wines once they have aged and source wines clients may be looking for,” says Keyser.

And business is certainly booming at all three Vinum55 locations.

“Vinum55 began just two-and-a-half years ago. In that short time, our Phoenix facility is nearly full, Scottsdale is taking off and Chandler is very excited about us,” she says.

As for what she especially enjoys about her work at Vinum55, Keyser notes that the clients definitely come out on top.

“Wine lovers are the most fun, diverse group of people with a common thread: a love of wine.”